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6000A MSAM in an 8000

星期二, 十二月 31, 2019
ryan.grace 在 七月 8, 2021 - 8:44下午 提交
Can I use the MSAM from my 6000A in an 8000 mainframe?
If the serial numer begins with A2 or A3 then the MSAM can used in an 8000 mainframe properly configured for bert module support. If the serial number starts with A1 then that module is too old to be used in a 8000 mainframe. The 8000 UIM must have a touch screen and a hard disk installed. Older 8000 version 1 units need to have a serial number of 4001 or higher to support a Dual Carrier with MSAM (does not apply to the version 2 8000E). The DMC needs to be an C8200 or higher. C8100 DMC's are only for fiber optic modules. 

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