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Tips on how to Improve Wifi Signal Strength

星期二, 十二月 31, 2019
ryan.grace 在 十月 23, 2021 - 5:33下午 提交
If 802.11 wireless testing with my WiFi Advisor shows poor signal levels, what can I do to improve my WiFi Signal Strength?
To try and improve WiFi signal strength, you can move or reposition your Access Point to a closer or more centralized location. Be mindful that improving signal strength at one location frequently comes at the expense of signal strength at another location. Experiment with antenna orientation if your Access Point permits this. Vertical orientation frequently yields the best response. Try not to place your Access Point on the floor or in a corner. Higher elevation is generally better.  Try to remove or circumvent signal path obstructions such as large metal objects like file cabinets, shelving or large mirrors.  Items with high water content such as fish tanks or water coolers should also be avoided. Consider installing a wireless repeater or extender if necessary.

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