VIAVI 智能定位解决方案利用用户生成的洞察数据的强大功能来大幅提升网络性能、实现详细分析并提供自动网络优化。

VIAVI 智能定位可捕获、定位、存储和分析来自所有用户事件的数据,从而为运营商提供了丰富的应用感知洞察数据来源,能够大幅提高网络性能并增强 QoE。这种以用户为中心的应用感知智能让您能够真正了解客户体验,从而能够通过网络获利,并自动完成网络优化。


GEOanalytics delivers a sophisticated API to allow third-party applications to make direct use of the location intelligence, with the additional dimension of building level resolution location information.
GEOinsights unlocks the power of the location intelligence. The data feed transforms the detailed connection centric data into an anonymized, aggregated feed of insights about places, people, and time, enabling new revenue streams through data monetization.
NITRO GEO GEOperformance, powered by the Network Integrated Test, Real-time analytics and Optimization (NITRO) intelligence platform, uses location intelligence to transform RAN planning and performance engineering by increasing operational efficiency, and significantly increasing return on investment, while delivering game changing improvements in the network performance actually experienced by customers.
The heart of the VIAVI Location Intelligence solution is the NITRO Mobile platform, which connects to the Network OSS to collect customer generated trace data. Using patented methods the billions of events per day are geolocated, analyzed and loaded into the intelligence store.
The modular approach of GEOoptimize, deployed as a service or as a solution, meets the complexity issues operators face today by delivering automated network performance optimization harnessing the power of geo-located subscriber-centric intelligence.



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