Installers and highly-skilled maintenance techs have very different test equipment needs, and these needs may even vary regionally among techs within the same classification. Purchasing the best meter for each specific workgroup/region often results in a collection of incompatible instruments, hampering process standardization efforts.

The combined product offerings of VIAVI and Trilithic will allow operators to select a meter optimized for specific applications while providing:

  • Common meter configurations deployed enterprise-wide
  • Centralized collection and storage of test data from all instruments
  • Compare tech performance enterprise-wide regardless of meter in use
  • Reduced overhead – all instruments managed in a single system

Beyond the benefits of using interoperable instruments, plant issues that create churn can be detected and resolved faster by integrating Trilithic leakage data into XPERTrak.  This integration also enables remediation of leaks to be prioritized based on customer impact, with enhanced correlation of subscriber impact related to specific plant issues.

VIAVI & Trilithic

CATV Instruments 
VIAVI offers a full range of rugged, high-performance instruments designed to meet the specific needs of cable workgroups.  Whether quick signal level meters for installers or contractors, value-focused DOCSIS 3.1 service meters, or  high performance service or sweep meters, VIAVI has you covered

With the integration of the comprehensive Trilithic Leakage portfolio VIAVI now offers leakage solutions from installer and MDU testing to complete maintenance and troubleshooting capabilities including data analytics and leakage mapping software. Learn more about Signal Leakage.

Quality Assurance
VIAVI XPERTrak, the leader in HFC maintenance and monitoring, becomes more powerful with the expanded visibility provided by the addition of Trilithic leakage data.  By combining leakage with PathTrak hardware and virtual probes, XPERTrak eliminates blind spots in HFC visibility and helps operators resolve problems that matter most.

VIAVI StrataSync is a cloud-based asset, test data, and workflow management system supporting VIAVI instruments across the entire HFC plant.  Whether testing fiber, Ethernet, coax, or WiFi, instruments and test data can be managed centrally using StrataSync.

Ethernet and Business Services have driven MSO revenue growth for the last 10 years.  To help MSOs keep the quality high on these critical services, VIAVI has a complete line of Ethernet test systems covering use cases from initial circuit turn-up to stress testing 200G backbone links.  Whether it be validating a new business service installation or troubleshooting a DAA optical Ethernet link, VIAVI has the right instrument to efficiently get the job done.

As fiber becomes more prevalent in HFC systems with Fiber Deep, FTTx and even FTTH deployments growing it’s critical to check that your fiber is up to the task. VIAVI can reduce the time it takes to certify or troubleshoot fiber deployments with OTDR and fiber characterization solutions that are simple to set up and use, with easy to interpret results and both cloud or on-board report generation. VIAVI also offers comprehensive fiber inspection and cleaning solutions to minimize the need for future troubleshooting.