SCA Platform

The VIAVI Solutions SCA Platform is the first completely versatile development and test platform for wireless systems.

It’s the most flexible, open standards-based, modular development platform for tactical radio, radar, electronic warfare, signal intelligence and robotics embedded system applications. Meet the future of SCA development and testing.

Improve Embedded Systems Development

Improve Embedded Systems Development

The VIAVI Solutions SCA Platform provides the ultimate level of flexibility for accelerating the development process from concept to market-ready product.

It’s a full-featured, modular and component-based development platform. It is engineered to streamline development cycles, reduce development costs, and improve time-to-revenue.

With the VIAVI Solutions SCA Platform, hardware and software developers, and system integrators can reduce simulation, design, emulation, and test cycles, and speed time-to-product for any wireless embedded system.

Built For Ultimate Flexibility

With its high-performance, ultra-wide aggregated chassis bandwidth (up to an impressive 1.5Tbps) and powered by NordiaSoft SCARI Software Suite, the Viavi Solutions SCA Platform is a unique development environment.

It incorporates an instrument grade RF front end for prototyping and development that provides RF characteristics traditionally only available to test instruments.

It supports up to ten high-performance transceivers and provides scalable processing for the ultimate flexibility in development, emulation, and testing of integrated, mission-critical embedded systems.

Unlike other development systems, the VIAVI Solutions SCA Platform provides the flexibility to choose different processing elements. And its connectivity-ready, AXIe, ultra-fast backplane busses deliver the most flexible and powerful development system on the market.

Built For Ultimate Flexibility


AXIe - Modular Instrumentation
We are pleased to announce its new modular line of products based upon the latest AXIe standard. The new AXIe chassis is the world’s first to support both the Wide PCI Express Extensions for AXIe and PCIe Gen3 backplane data rates, making it the test and measurement industry’s highest-throughput modular chassis.

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