unified communications performance management

Unified Communications Performance Management

Streamline Unified Communications Management with Comprehensive Monitoring and Analysis

With active testing and intelligent workflows, unified communications (UC) performance management and monitoring simplifies UC implementations and raises UC performance quality - while lowering costs.

Experience Better VoIP and Video with VIAVI Unified Communications Monitoring and Analysis

Optimized unified communications can translate into substantial sales, positive impressions, and better time management. However, video, VoIP, instant messaging, and email can also create challenges that include high bandwidth demands, inter-service dependencies, and complex troubleshooting. To deliver a positive user experience, network teams need a comprehensive analysis and monitoring solution that offers actionable insights within the context of all system components and interactions.

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Enjoy Consistent Clarity with Unified Communications Management

With the Observer Platform from VIAVI Solutions, enterprise teams can:

  • Analyze and monitor unified communications with line-rate capture and write-to-disk, supporting high-bandwidth video streams
  • View in-depth intelligence for call setup and teardown, with payload transmission analytics for access to the details of every network conversation
  • Proactively ensure quality and performance of VoIP services alongside underlying network
  • Understand how, where, and when sessions break down via ongoing, synthetic calls to react before the issue impacts users
  • Achieve contextual visibility into resource and service conflicts with potential end-user impact
  • Capture and reconstruct calls for playback to hear the same call quality issues experienced by users
  • Obtain comprehensive metrics for monitoring bursts, or periods of high packet loss, gaps, or periods of little packet loss

Establish Benchmarks and Test Before Deploying Unified Communications

When implementing a new communications technology such as VoIP, network managers can either install and address unified communications performance problems as they arise, or upgrade bandwidth capacity in anticipation of post-deployment needs.

Because of the challenging nature of unified communications services like VoIP, active testing to ensure network readiness, site surveys, and an understanding of the basic network environment can help ensure a successful rollout. This preparation and insight can also help identify and eliminate many performance problems before deployment.

A network performance monitoring and management tool that tracks, stores, and analyzes long-term activity will define performance baselines for an environment, while active test using synthetic traffic can help determine user experience before any actual users are affected.

The insight into network and application performance gained from the initial site survey and continual monitoring of the added unified communications traffic also helps in intelligently configuring alarms to alert staff when application performance deviates from the norm.

Get the Insight You Need with VIAVI UC Management

The VIAVI network performance monitoring toolset provides a unified communications management solution to effectively analyze and monitor all of your company communications. This allows you to understand the changes in your network environment and ensure rapid problem isolation for VoIP, video, and other unified communications applications.

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