Cloud Performance Management

Complete Cloud and Hybrid IT Performance Monitoring and Management

Enjoy the advantages of cloud and hybrid IT technology while maintaining visibility with industry leading cloud monitoring tools from VIAVI Solutions.

Get a Better View with Cloud Performance Monitoring and Management

Troubleshooting problems in the cloud can be complex and utilize an increasing number of resources. There is also concern that a lack of visibility will prevent enterprises from fully optimizing the end-user experience and ROI of cloud and hybrid IT applications.

VIAVI cloud performance monitoring and management solutions help you meet and exceed end-user expectations by facilitating the delivery of exceptional service and quick issue resolution no matter where supporting IT assets reside.

  • VIAVI Achieves Top Ranking in 3 of 5 Gartner Critical Capabilities Use Cases

    Observer Platform rated strong by end users in terms of integration with third-party tools, interoperability, direction and vision, and diagnostics.

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    NetOps and SecOps Converge

    Over 600 IT professionals weigh in on the workloads, challenges, data sources and team collaboration required to safeguard critical corporate assets.

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  • Starting the IT Troubleshooting Revolution

    User-Focused Observer 17.5 Delivers End-User Experience driven workflows, and ensures every metric supported by wire-data in 100 Gb environments.

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  • Performance Monitoring & Visibility for Cloud

    Ixia and VIAVI provide key strategies for accurate, packet-based analysis in the cloud.

Get the Inside View with Cloud Performance Management

With the Observer Platform from VIAVI Solutions enterprise teams can:

  • Create top-level dashboard views that alert you to developing issues
  • Correlate traffic level behavior to host health
  • Obtain intelligent packet analysis to grab the metrics you need (independent of cloud provider)
  • Gather objective insights into service operation
  • Poll technology with comprehensive visibility for private and public clouds, including AWS, Azure, vCloud Air, and IBM SoftLayer

Retool for the Cloud with Performance Management

Enterprises are migrating applications and services to the cloud, adding yet another layer of technology and potential cloud monitoring challenges to their existing internal IT infrastructure. Network operations will be tasked with troubleshooting and optimizing infrastructure that spans their own data centers and external public cloud resources. Given this reality, network operations must adjust their management tools and practices for a hybrid world where applications and services span private infrastructure and public clouds.

Observer SightOps is a cross-domain infrastructure monitoring system with visibility into private cloud, their associated components like virtualized servers, and leading public cloud environments. SightOps offers network operations an option for unified cloud performance management and troubleshooting of hybrid infrastructure.

Key Questions for Cloud Adoption and Performance Management

Organizations planning to migrate all or a portion of their applications or services to a public cloud environment will benefit from the experiences of early adopters. As a leader in hybrid IT and cloud monitoring, VIAVI Solutions has been involved at all stages of the cloud-migration life cycle: during assessment, implementation, and after cloud and hybrid IT deployment.

Come experience the best in cloud performance management with VIAVI Solutions.

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