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Unified Performance Monitoring Solution

Combined Offering Multiplies Customer Monitoring Value

Powerful Pre-packaged Solution

The combination of Ixia intelligent network packet brokers and Observer GigaStor delivers panoramic perspectives into network activity and performance visibility. Application complexity, traffic volumes, and security threats show no signs of slowing. In addition, more recent trends like hybrid IT are moving compute and network resources to more optimal locations for service delivery and financial efficiency— such as on-prem, public/private cloud or a combination—adding yet another layer of potential headaches for maintaining acceptable IT services. That’s why Ixia and VIAVI have teamed up to deliver an affordable, easy-to-order and use performance monitoring solution that brings together the best packet capture appliance and network packet brokers in the industry.

Ixia’s Dynamic Filtering for Super-Fast Filter Setup

Ixia’s Dynamic Filtering for Super-Fast Filter Setup

GigaStor’s Back-in-Time Awareness

GigaStor’s Back-in-Time Awareness

How It Works

We’ve combined forces to achieve enhanced customer value by simplifying the ordering, fulfillment, and ongoing support of pre-packaged, custom designed Ixia Network Packet Brokers (NPB) and VIAVI Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostic (NPMD) solutions tailored for different common use cases. Now users can work with experts from both companies to select, configure, and deploy the optimal solution for their unique IT environment.

The combination of Ixia and VIAVI provides IT monitoring teams with a powerful, integrated solution that solves today’s challenging enterprise anomalies by:

  • The best long-term packet capture and post-event wire data analytics in the industry
  • Outstanding visibility into all wire data sources without a single dropped packet
  • No blind spot views into cloud based and virtualized east-west traffic
  • Quick threat isolation to the area of interest
  • Faster MTTR for critical & revenue impacting problems

About Performance Monitoring

NPBs and NPMD tools, when effectively combined multiply the gains available from each offering. NPBs excel at collating and pre-processing wire-data across the entire network. NPMD tools then analyze this data for security and service level anomalies though simple workflows to resolution and high-level reporting of critical IT resources.