ONT-600 400G CFP8 Module
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ONT-600 400G CFP8 Module

The 400G CFP8 Module is a scalable test solution based on the latest draft standard for 400G Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 bs) and ready for OTUC4. It boasts a CFP8 slot to host the first-generation 400G pluggables; future FlexE and FlexO applications are addressed via 5 QSFP28 slots.


Anticipating the growing need for speed and accuracy, the 400G CFP8 Module is the newest addition to VIAVI’s ONT-600 family. It is a scalable test solution that addresses the complete development cycle ecosystem—from chips to systems. It’s based on the latest draft standard for 400G Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 bs) and boasts a CFP8 slot to host the first generation 400G pluggables. An electrical adapter is available to directly inter-connect with 400G evaluation boards.

The module’s comprehensive applications allow for in-depth troubleshooting with full insight into the MAC/IP layers using “real world” signals. In addition, advanced error analysis and dynamic skew tests will help quickly identify and analyze issues on the physical layer.

As you face increasing demands for speed and reliability, the 400G Module will help you be ready for upcoming PAM-4 and OTUC4 testing. It will support FlexE and FlexO applications via 5x100G ports based on the industry standard QSFP28. Moreover, its FPGA-based design will follow evolving standards, making the VIAVI 400G CFP8 Module a smart investment into the future.


  • 400GE Signal Integrity Testing
  • CFP8 Transponder Test (16x25G NRZ)
  • Addresses Physical Layer, PCS/FEC, Ethernet and OTN
  • Access to Evaluation Boards via Electrical Interface


  • Comprehensive Applications for Troubleshooting from Physical Layer up to 400GE/OTUC4
  • Future-proof by design, prepared for FlexE/FlexO Testing


  • 400G Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Transponder Testing
  • IC Validation
  • System Integration  

Key Features

  • Full Bandwidth 400GE Testing
  • CFP8 Slot with optional Electrical Interface
  • PCS/FEC Layer Testing
  • Dynamic Skew Insertion
  • Access to MDIO Control Interface