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The Xgig 8G Fibre Channel Analyzer offers a wide array of advanced analysis capabilities to enable users to achieve more robust product performance without sacrificing time-to-market.
The Xgig BERT solution simplifies signal integrity verification and high-speed bit error measurements by injecting data patterns into the traffic stream that create worst-case data loading conditions and stress a network's physical layer to its limits.
The Xgig Load Tester quickly and easily verifies data integrity, monitors network performance, and identifies a wide range of sophisticated problems across complex network topologies that would be too difficult to troubleshoot with an analyzer alone.
Xgig, designed for heavy-duty data traffic and complicated network structures, offers the industry a reliable analysis tool for high-bandwidth protocols such as GbE and iSCSI.Xgig® GbE/iSCSI Analyzer
The High Density 10G Etherent/FCoE Load Tester provides the industry’s highest port density, up to 32 ports in a single 3U chassis, for developers to verify the reliability and functionality of 10G converged Ethernet network equipment.
The Xgig® Jammer manipulates live network traffic to simulate errors in real time, enabling users to verify the responsiveness and robustness of error recovery processes.
The Xgig® Analyzer offers a wide array of advanced analysis capabilities to enable users to achieve more robust product performance without sacrificing time-to-market. With its wide range of capabilities, including intelligent triggering, automated capture, and Xgig Expert analysis, troubleshooting time is reduced from hours to minutes.
The Xgig Secure System performs testing of Fibre Channel interfaces configured in any topology including those used in avionic environments, and provides traffic generation, error injection, and advanced analysis with data rates from 1Gb/s to 10.5Gb/s.
Creates FC protocol traffic at speed of 4, 8, or 16 G FC, to emulate FC devices; replays field issues in the lab to verify bug fixes.
The xSIGHT CEA Application enables the industry’s most effective assurance workflows via the real-time correlation of customer experience to the underlying network and service performance.
The xSIGHT Session Trace Application provides industry-recognized transaction tracing and decoding troubleshooting functionality much faster and at a lower cost than traditional solutions.
Traffic Analysis Agents deliver Control and User Plane metrics in real-time via the xSIGHT Mediation component to xSIGHT or third party monitoring apps.
xSIGHT Traffic Storage Agents deliver Control and User Plane metrics in real-time to monitoring applications, plus store KPIs and Control Plane traffic for troubleshooting applications.
Observer Analyzer
Optimisation des Performances. Réduction des Temps d'Interruption de Services. Observer Analyzer comprend les environnements virtuels (VM) complexes et gère les déploiements de Communications Unifiées, les performances du réseau, des applications et bien plus encore.
Observer Apex
Observer Apex est doté d’une page d’accueil intelligente avec fonction de recherche qui interprète les saisies des utilisateurs pour les diriger vers l’un des trois workflows prêts à l’emploi et leur permettre de résoudre la majorité des problèmes de services informatiques en 3 étapes maximum.
Accélérez la détection et la résolution des anomalies de réseau, d’applications et de service tout en consolidant vos initiatives de sécurité informatique avec la meilleure solution d’analyses de captures de paquets du marché.
Authentification, Autorisation, Audit à l'échelle de l'entreprise Faites en plus en moins de temps grâce au Observer Management Server (OMS).
Maximisez vos machines de surveillance.
Déploiement d'Excellence en Matière de Technologie de Sondes Intégration de l'intelligence de la carte capture Gen2.
Fusionner deux flux de données en un seul, de manière totalement transparente.
Copy traffic from a full-duplex copper link and send it to a copper or optical monitoring device – also available with aggregation functionality.
Easily send Ethernet traffic from a full-duplex copper link to a copper monitoring device with Observer Copper TAPs.
With several options available, you can scale up to 24 modules in one unit of rack with the High-Density Optical TAP (HDOT).
L’outil d’analyse des signaux OneExpert CATV permet de vérifier la performance des réseaux et rend le dépannage plus simple, plus rapide et plus efficace.
La solution la plus rapide et la plus facile à utiliser pour la certification de fibre optique de niveau 1
La surveillance active en temps réel et la génération de rapports historiques aide votre réseau d’entreprise hybride à assurer l’apport des services aux entreprises essentiels.
Le testeur OLP-88 TruePON est un outil innovant qui utilise la technologie d’analyse des données GPON. C’est l’outil idéal pour les techniciens d’intervention gérant l’activation de service des réseaux GPON, ainsi que pour les équipes de support chargées de résoudre les plaintes liées au service et d’identifier les causes des problèmes.
The field-optimized Timing Extension Module (TEM) helps network operators maintain precise synchronization by delivering industry-leading accuracy to field portable timing and synchronization measurements.
Extensive Xgig capabilities and flexibility provide unmatched network visibility to more easily identify and resolve problems, accelerate new product design, and speed time-to-market.
The 400G CFP8 Module is a scalable test solution based on the latest draft standard for 400G Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 bs) and ready for OTUC4. It boasts a CFP8 slot to host the first-generation 400G pluggables; future FlexE and FlexO applications are addressed via 5 QSFP28 slots.
Le testeur de réseau portatif MTS-5800-100G est le seul outil dont les techniciens réseau et les ingénieurs ont besoin pour l’installation et la maintenance de leurs réseaux. Il est compatible avec les anciennes et nouvelles technologies afin de gérer les applications réseau, y compris les applications de test des installations métropolitaines/principales, des interconnexions entre les datacenters et des services aux entreprises.
The MAP-200 Polarization Control Module (mPCX-C1) provides polarization scrambling, control and stabilization for use in applications such as temporal depolarization, 100G+ coherent interface testing as well as stabilization and tracking of target SOP conditions
The modular approach of GEOoptimize, deployed as a service or as a solution, meets the complexity issues operators face today by delivering automated network performance optimization harnessing the power of geo-located subscriber-centric intelligence.
The MAP-200 Utility Module, mUTL-C1, provides a range of passive optical devices such as couplers, splitters, Mux/Demux modules and band-pass filters to simplify the integration of these devices into automated test systems
Xgig 1000 24 Gbps SAS Solution
Fully integrated, stand-alone system with 24/12/6/3 Gbps SAS multi-functions (Analyzer and Jammer)
Xgig 4K16 PCI Express 4.0 Protocol Analyzer/Jammer
The most powerful PCIe Gen 4.0 analysis system available, offering complete visibility into traffic flows with advanced trace and analysis and jamming capabilities.
Offrent les fonctionnalités combinées incluant l’analyse de spectre, l’analyse de câble et d’antenne, la mesure de puissance, l’analyse d’interférence, le balayage de canaux, l’analyse RFoCPRI™, et l’analyse de signal.
CellAdvisor Cable and Antenna Analyzer is a rugged, easy-to-use, all-in-one tool with everything you need for cell site installation.
The COSA-4055 module offers the functionality and speed of an OSA in a handheld form factor at a fraction of the price of a traditional OSA. It is an ideal test tool for metro/access links and CWDM systems.
Automatic bi-directional IL, ORL and OTDR test solution for use in the installation, turn-up, and maintenance of FTTx/PON, Access and Metro and Long Haul Networks.
Automatic bi-directional IL, ORL and OTDR test solution for use in the installation, turn-up, and maintenance of FTTx/PON, Access and Metro Networks.
GEOanalytics delivers a sophisticated API to allow third party applications to make direct use of the location intelligence, with the additional dimension of building level resolution location information.
GEOinsights unlocks the power of the location intelligence. The data feed transforms the detailed connection centric data into an anonymized, aggregated feed of insights about places, people, and time, enabling new revenue streams through data monetization.
GEOperformance uses location intelligence to transform RAN planning and performance engineering increasing operational efficiency, and significantly increasing return on investment, whilst delivering game changing improvement in the network performance actually experienced by the customers.
GEOson brings the power of location intelligence to automated network performance optimization. By making fully automated network changes, very significant cost savings can be realized, and game changing customer experience is achieved by delivering levels of network performance unattainable by manual means.
The heart of ariesoGEO is the GEO platform, which connects to the Network OSS to collect customer generated trace data. Using patented methods the billions of events per day are geolocated, analyzed and loaded into the intelligence store.
Integrated in-service test solution combining a PMD analyzer, an In-band OSA and a high resolution OSA to qualify and troubleshoot high speed DWDM and ROADM networks.
Singlemode Insertion Loss / Return Loss test meter and fully EF-compliant multimode Insertion Loss test modules for use with the ViaviM advanced MAP-200 platform.
Optical Switch Solutions built on the industry-leading, fourth-generation instrumentation class of Viavi optical switch technology.
Test solution for manufacturing and new device development of passive DWDM devices, ROADMs & Circuit Packs. Provides full characterization of wavelength dependence performancem
MAP-200 Tunable Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) laser (mTLG-C1) is a new-generation tunable laser that is ideal for DWDM testing where the capability to change wavelength on demand over the C- band with 50 GHz spacing is essential.
Optical test and measurement platform optimized for cost-effective development and manufacturing of optical transmission network elements.
Provides a flexible, more cost-effective compact platform for optical test switching and signal conditioning in optical device and sub-system development and manufacturing.
Module offrant une sortie d’émission spontanée amplifiée (ASE) qui se caractérise par une haute densité de puissance aplanie dans la bande C. Il assure également une grande stabilité spectrale.
Six configurations différentes disponibles : pré-amplificateur, amplificateur, amplificateur haute puissance, amplificateur avec accès en plein câble, en ligne et DWDM. Faible bruit, haute puissance de sortie et gain élevé.
Module à détecteur InGaAs de 3 mm offrant une gamme de mesure de 10 à - 80 dBm (800 à 1650 nm).
High-resolution, wide wavelength-range attenuator ideal for use in applications such as analog systems and high bit-rate digital systems.
Équipement de test portable dédié à l’installation, la mise en service et le dépannage des réseaux fibre optique.
Equipement de test tout-en-un portable et modulaire pour l’installation et la maintenance des réseaux d’accès/FTTx et des services Triple Play.
Ce testeur, qui est le plus petit du marché, peut effectuer des tests tout au long du cycle de vie du réseau, tels que la caractérisation de la fibre, l’activation du service, le dépannage et la maintenance.
Modular multifunction fiber and network interface test platform performs the widest ranging fiber and network tests
The MTS-8000 is the world’s most scalable test platform for next generation high speed network deployment (40G and 100G). It’s a multi-application platform with physical, optical and Transport / Ethernet testing capabilities.
Industry’s most compact 10 GigE multifunction tester for the installation and maintenance of carrier-grade Ethernet and Internet Protocol services.
Integrated automated test facilities for testing long-term reliability of optical components while subjected to environmental stress conditions in a temperature/humidity chamber.
With a 100 dB dynamic range, the OLP-85 and -85P optical power meters are perfect for any fiber-optic network power or loss test application.
La source optique OLS-85 est le complément idéal du photomètre SmartClass Fiber OLP-85/-85P pour la réalisation de tests automatiques de perte d'insertion.
Offre à chaque fois des résultats haute performance lors du déploiement de services haut débit au domicile des abonnés.
Système de test et de surveillance des réseaux optiques backbones, métropolitains, d’accès et FTTH.
The ONT-100G solution supports testing and verification for new high-speed network elements for 40 GE and 100 GE and enables the development of 100 G products based on CFP and CFP2 technologies.
The MTM provides high density 155M to 11.3G testing at layers 1 through 3. Concurrent users can control a broad protocol range including OTN, GigE/10GigE LAN, SONET/SDH, and Fibre Channel.
Highly configurable, multi-application and multi-port platform for system verification and acceptance testing.
The SmartClass Fiber ORL-85 and -85P combine microscope, optical power meter (OPM), light source (OLS), continuous wave return loss meter (OCWR), and connector inspection in one compact instrument.
Analyseurs de spectre optique large bande compacts pour les tests sur les systèmes CWDM, DWDM et ROADM.
High resolution OSA with lab performance in a field-ready tester for spectral analysis of 10/40/100 and 400 G DWDM networks.
Full range of optical spectrum analyzers for spectral measurements in CWDM, DWDM, and ROADM testing-based systems, providing true OSNR measurements based on the unique Viavi in-band OSNR method.
JMEP is a powerful micro Ethernet probe for Ethernet and IP performance assurance.
PacketPortal est une approche de cloud intégrant une technologie de capture de données tout le long du réseau. Il permet de fournir des informations en ligne quelle que soit l'application (par exemple, la surveillance ou la gestion)
Surveillance et dépannage des voies ascendantes HFC: surveillance des voies de retour, affichage des spectres actifs, rapport de l'état du spectre et des données, analyse de la porteuse ascendante, historique des performances et certification du nœud.
Fast, cost-effective and accurate polarization mode dispersion (PMD) testing for high speed networks characterization.
CellAdvisor RF Analyzer combines the functionality of spectrum analysis, cable and antenna analysis, and power measurements, covering all of your needs for test, acceptance, and troubleshooting of the physical layer of cellular networks.
CellAdvisor Signal Analyzer combines the functionality of spectrum analysis, DAS, and power measurements, covering all of your needs for base station troubleshooting and maintenance.
Solution de test Ethernet conviviale et économique pour les interfaces Ethernet électriques/optiques allant jusqu'à 1G avec des étiquettes MPLS, Q-in-Q ou VLAN ainsi que pour la vérification des accords de niveau de service Carrier Ethernet.
Inspection Ready Optical Power Meters
Atténuateurs portatifs compacts et résistants utilisables sur le terrain ou en laboratoire
All-in-one tool for broadband services installation, including copper, ADSL 1/2/2+, WiFi, coax, HPNA, fiber, IP data, VoIP, and IP video testing.
Le SmartOTDR, un réflectomètre léger et compact, permet de tester les réseaux optiques d’accès et métropolitains. Il possède une interface que tout technicien, même novice, est en mesure d'utiliser.
Le SmartOTU est une solution de surveillance des réseaux fibre optique capable de détecter et localiser automatiquement toute anomalie.
StrataSync est une solution hébergée sur le cloud permettant de gérer les parcs d'instruments de mesure JDSU, leur configuration et les données de test et de garantir que la dernière version de logiciel et les options les plus récentes sont installées.
Plugs into market leading T-BERD/MTS test instruments to create the smallest, portable 100G test solutions for both out in the field and in the central office.
The most powerful PCIe and NVMe analysis system available, offering complete visibility into traffic flows with advanced trace and analysis capabilities.
Comprehensive multiprotocol analysis, load testing, and error injection for all SAN/NAS technologies.
The Delay Emulator simplifies test setup and configuration and provides developers with a suite of powerful yet flexible capabilities to accurately emulate a variety of realworld operating conditions.
The Xgig 10GbE and Fibre Channel Analyzer is a versatile, state-of-art solution for monitoring and analyzing live traffic of different storage protocols, including 10G Fibre Channel, 10GbE, iSCSI, FCIP, iFCP and iWARP.
Fully integrated, stand-alone system with 12/6/3 Gbps SAS multi-functions (Analyzer, Generator, Jammer)
The Xgig SAS/SATA analyzer is a critically-important tool for engineers developing and troubleshooting products and systems that involve the SAS/SATA protocols.
The powerful Traffic Generator and Target Emulator extends the capabilities of the Xgig Analysis and Test Platform to create network traffic at line rate to stress test equipment during development and in-network.
Expert software comes standard with all Xgig Analyzers and Bus Doctor Rx Protocol Analyzers to provide a unique and robust set of debugging and analysis capabilities specifically designed to accelerate and simplify device development and troubleshooting.