The following videos take a closer look at the FiberChek Probe, highlighting key features, controls and workflow methods that help users utilize the capabilities of this fiber inspection and certification tool.

Lesson 1 - Device Overview

The following video will help users understand the basic controls and ports of the FiberChek probe.

Lesson 2 - Setting up a Test

The following video will help users set up their FiberChek to perform tests.

Lesson 3 - Performing a Test

The following video walks users through the basic workflow of performing a test with the FiberChek probe microscope.

Lesson 4 - Using with Fiberchek Mobile

The following video will help users  use the FiberChek in combination with FiberChek MOBILE.

Fully Automated Test Cycle

The following video highlights a time saving workflow feature that lets users configure the FiberChek to automatically perform every aspect of fiber endface analysis

FiberChek Setup & Firmware Updates

The following video explains various setup options for the FiberChek, such as configuring custom profiles, tip settings, and updating device firmware.