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Planung und Optimierung von Netzwerken

Location Intelligence

GEOanalytics delivers a sophisticated API to allow third party applications to make direct use of the location intelligence, with the additional dimension of building level resolution location information.
GEOinsights unlocks the power of the location intelligence. The data feed transforms the detailed connection centric data into an anonymized, aggregated feed of insights about places, people, and time, enabling new revenue streams through data monetization.
GEOperformance uses location intelligence to transform RAN planning and performance engineering increasing operational efficiency, and significantly increasing return on investment, whilst delivering game changing improvement in the network performance actually experienced by the customers.
GEOson brings the power of location intelligence to automated network performance optimization. By making fully automated network changes, very significant cost savings can be realized, and game changing customer experience is achieved by delivering levels of network performance unattainable by manual means.
The heart of ariesoGEO is the GEO platform, which connects to the Network OSS to collect customer generated trace data. Using patented methods the billions of events per day are geolocated, analyzed and loaded into the intelligence store.
The modular approach of GEOoptimize, deployed as a service or as a solution, meets the complexity issues operators face today by delivering automated network performance optimization harnessing the power of geo-located subscriber-centric intelligence.

Network & Subscriber Intelligence

Provides performance management capabilities including data collection, correlation, analytics and reporting enabling service providers to proactively identify faults, troubleshoot and resolve problems and perform trend analysis and capacity planning.
Die einzige softwarebasierte Lösung der Branche, die die Videodienste des Netzbetreibers durchgängig von der Videoquelle bis zum Endgerät mit aktiven und passiven Tests überwacht.
The xSIGHT CEA Application enables the industry’s most effective assurance workflows via the real-time correlation of customer experience to the underlying network and service performance.
Die xSIGHT Diagnostics Application gewährleistet in einer weitaus höheren Geschwindigkeit und zu geringeren Kosten als konventionelle Lösungen das branchenweit anerkannte Tracing von Transaktionen und Decodieren von Fehlerdiagnose-Daten.
Die Traffic Analysis Agents stellen über die xSIGHT Mediation-Komponente dem xSIGHT-System sowie Monitoring-Anwendungen von Drittanbietern in Echtzeit Kennwerte zur Steuerungs- und Nutzer-Ebene zur Verfügung.
Die xSIGHT Traffic Storage Agents stellen Überwachungsanwendungen umfassende Kennwerte der Steuerungs- und Nutzer-Ebene in Echtzeit zur Verfügung. Zusätzlich speichern sie KPIs sowie den Verkehr auf der Steuerungsebene für die Fehlerdiagnose.


TrueSite handheld is an ultra-portable cloud-enabled solution that makes it easy to test in complex indoor environments, including airports, stadiums, malls, and offices. TrueSite handheld can be deployed on a single smartphone.
Virtual Ethernet lifecycle management solution for test, service activation, performance monitoring and troubleshooting on all network layers