OneExpert DSL Modular Field Test Platform
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OneExpert DSL Modular Field Test Platform

Consistently achieve high-performance results when deploying fast broadband service to the home.


Accelerate Gigabit Broadband deployment! OneExpert DSL helps field technicians fix problems—the first time, for xDSL from to ADSL. The multi-touch, user-friendly interface and OneCheck automated tests ease complex tasks with clear pass/fail results. And, its future-proof modules ensure years of use supporting access and home networks.


  • Easy-to-use OneCheck TDR with auto ID ensures every technician can locate copper faults
  • Prove true customer experience with standardized TrueSpeed tests (RFC-6349) 
  • OneCheck automates field tests and simplifies copper results to close jobs right the first time
  • StrataSync cloud-enabled asset and test data management gives visibility on test results, completed tasks, and keeps track of used instrument inventory
  • Modular platform scales for new WiFi, fiber, and VDSL technologies
  • More flexibility and efficiency using everyday, common mobile devices via the OneExpert DSL app with remote control, data enhancements, and connectivity


  •, VDSL (vectoring and bonding), and ADSL networks
  • Copper, TDR, spectral tests
  • Fiber, wifi, coax, and wiring test and installation
  • Web, video, VoIP, TrueSpeed verification and troubleshooting

Key Features

  • Test and ADSL2+/VDSL2 including bonded and vectored pairs, copper, POTS, and coax/HPNA
  • Multi-touch, friendly user interface leverages user experience from smartphones and tablets
  • StrataSync cloud-enabled architecture provides easy asset management and test data management

Stratasync Enabled

This product is StrataSync enabled
StrataSync is a hosted, cloud-based solution that provides asset, configuration, and test data management for VIAVI instruments and ensures all instruments have the latest software and options installed.