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Network Equipment Manufacturers

Changing market dynamics, rapid-pace technology evolution, and customer demands for lower prices. This challenging environment requires that network equipment and component manufacturers cost-effectively deliver more functionality in a shorter time-frame, without compromising quality.


Test & Development

Test and development solutions must continually scale to meet the growth...
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Scalable Manufacturing

Product quality and performance expectations in the field have increased...
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Field Deployment

Network equipment manufacturers are increasingly challenged to deliver managed...
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Technology & Service Introduction

Network equipment and components manufacturers are challenged to bring products...
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Analytics Enablement

As independent software vendors (ISVs) and network equipment manufacturers (...
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Network Equipment Manufacturers

Accelerating Innovation

VIAVI’s meets Network Equipment Manufacturers demands head on with everything from chips through transponders to network equipment for 100 G technology.

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Network Equipment Manufacturers

Prepare for the new 100G

VIAVI Solutions ONT family of products helps validate and test for the new generation of 100G

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Network Equipment Manufacturers

Portable, Flexible, Powerful

Deploy and troubleshoot SANs easily with the only product that addresses 10 and 40 GE and 4/8/16 G Fibre Channel in an integrated portable platform.

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Network Equipment Manufacturers

Unmatched Test Performance

Compete in new high growth, high performance applications such as 40/100G data center markets

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