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Solve Performance and Security Issues with Insight from the User’s Perspective

Whether managing end-user experience issues related to network performance or assisting in the identification and remediation of security breaches one thing is clear – IT requires the right data, and context for that data, to quickly identify and resolve any issue.

Listen and learn how VIAVI is addressing end-user experience issues and security incidents with proactive insight for real-time detection coupled with full-fidelity wire-data forensics.

Tech Bytes: Improving NPM and Threat Management with Enriched Flow

(15 minutes)

In this Tech Bytes podcast, Warren Caron, Sales Engineer at VIAVI Solutions, talks about getting better network performance monitoring and threat management by using enriched flow data. Enriched Flow records from VIAVI stitches and enriches traditional Netflow, IPFIX, and other flow records by aggregating information from firewall logs, VPN concentrators, SD WAN controllers, directories, and other sources. Warren also discusses the value of combining flow records with full packet capture to improve threat management use cases such as reducing dwell time and accelerating remediation.

Tech Bytes: Four Phases Of Scaling Your Remote Workforce With Bill Proctor from VIAVI Solutions

(15 Minutes)

As more employees work from home, organizations are struggling with the rollout and support of large, remote work forces. On today’s Tech Bytes podcast Bill Proctor, Customer Success Manager at VIAVI Solutions, walks through the four phases of scaling up remote workers, how to implement each phase, and why this process will be iterative as the organization adapts and responds.

  • Phase 1: Get it working
  • Phase 2: Monitor how it’s going
  • Phase 3: Predict network behavior
  • Phase 4: Secure the environment

Tech Bytes: Leveraging Packets and Flows for NetOps And SecOps With VIAVI Solutions

(15 minutes)

Today we talk about the intersection of NetOps and SecOps and how network teams can help respond to security incidents and assist the security team.

Charles Thompson, Sr. Director, Product Management at VIAVI joins us for the conversation.

We discuss how network teams are now expected to assist in security investigations and forensics. Packet capture and analysis tools are essential as a source of truth to understand the scope of an incident, what happened, and what users, devices, or systems were impacted.

We also look at the notion of enriched flow records, which VIAVI can provide with its GigaFlow product, and how end-user experience scoring can help remediate network performance and security problems.

Heavy Networking: Solving Network Performance and Security Problems with VIAVI Solutions

(50 minutes)

In this show we dive into the intersection of Network Performance Management (NPM) and security.

We discuss how VIAVI Observer performs full packet capture for detailed analysis of performance and security events, how it enriches flow records with additional data to provide valuable context, and how the concept of end user experience informs its approach to NPM.

We also examine the critical role Observer can play in security operations, including the forensic value of high-fidelity packet capture, and why it's essential for network and security teams to work from the same data sources.

VIAVI has a substantial portfolio of products, but today's episode focuses on the Observer family–including ApexGigaStor, and GigaFlow–for NPM and security use cases.

Would you like to learn more about the VIAVI Observer solution? Request a demo.

VIAVI’s Observer platform is the bridge between NetOps and SecOps, providing a single unified data set that captures and stores the most robust wire data available for issue identification and remediation. This pure, unaltered packet and flow data is analyzed to present views across the entire IT landscape with simple end-user experience scoring as well as threat alert features. Teams can use automated workflows to dive into high-fidelity network evidence and solve the root-cause of the issue – minimizing impact on users and business operations.

Network Security Performance Graphic

Take a new approach to any performance or security issue with:

  • 40 Gbps packet capture with over a petabyte of storage
  • Enriched flow records combining user, device, flow and cloud data
  • 3-click workflows to drill into problems for quick resolution

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