Observer nTAP 10/100/1000 Aggregator Conversion

Aggregate full-duplex traffic but also convert that traffic to be analyzed by a copper or optical single-receive analysis or security device

Transfers network traffic from a full-duplex copper link to a copper or optical analysis or security device.

  • Not only aggregates full-duplex traffic but also can convert that traffic to be analyzed by a copper or optical single-receive analysis or security device
  • Aggregator nTAPs provide greater protection than a SPAN port against packet loss on low-utilization networks
  • Choose from a 256 MB, 512 MB, or 1 GB buffer
  • To connect to an optical device, the nTAP will need SFP modules (sold separately).


Install Observer Aggregator nTAPs on 10 Mb, 100 Mb, or 1 Gb links for quick, anytime access to network traffic. Designed for low-to-moderate utilization full-duplex links, Aggregator nTAPs merge data into single streams for transmission up to two single-receive analysis devices. Industry-leading buffer sizes offer less likelihood of lost packets than SPAN ports to ensure critical traffic reaches analyzers, remote monitoring appliances, and forensics tools. For networks and analyzers of different topologies, an Observer Conversion Aggregator nTAP is available.

nTAPs are passive, full-duplex devices, offering complete visibility to monitoring devices regardless of traffic level. They work with the leading management tools for quick and easy deployment. nTAPs are transparent for monitoring critical links, and provide continuous network data flow even if power fails. nTAPs are scalable, modularized, space-efficient, and economical.

Which nTAP do I need? Tap vs Span

Place an Aggregator Conversion nTAP between two devices of interest on a 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps or 1000 Mbps copper link. Then attach up to two analysis or security devices to the nTAP: two copper, or two optical, or one of each. The device must be equipped with a standard network card.

Especificaciones técnicas


Depth7.66 in / 19.46 cm
Width (faceplate front) 5.85 in / 14.86 cm
Width (back)4.55 in / 11.56 cm
Height (faceplate)1.10 in / 2.79 cm

Power Requirements

AC Input90 V to 264 V, 47 Hz to 63 Hz
Operational Voltage5 V (+10% to -5%, < 100 mV ripple)
Operational CurrentTypical: <= 1.8 ampsMax: <= 2.8 amps
Power DissipationTypical: 8 WMax: 14 W

Supported Media

Link A/Link B (Link under test)RJ45
Copper Analyzer InterfaceRJ45
SFP Conversion Analyzer InterfaceSX
850 nm, 1000BaseSX
LC connector 
1310 nm 1000BaseLX
Multimode or Single-mode
LC connector

Environmental Requirements

SpecificationOperational RangeStorage Range
Temperature range32° to 120°F / 0° to 55 °C 32° - 167°F / 0° - 75°C
Humidity35-85% (non-condensating) 

Regulatory Compliance

EmissionsFCC Part 15 Class B
CE MarkEN61000-3-2, EN55024, EN55022A