Observer Platform / GigaStor

Observer Platform は、全 IT サービスのピーク性能を維持するための理想的な包括的ネットワーク性能監視と診断(NPMD)ソリューションです。

Observer Platform は内蔵用として設計されており、高次のダッシュボードからサービス異常の根本原因まで事前定義されたワークフローを通して重要な KPI を可視化します。 新技術の導入か、既存リソースの管理か、サービス異常の解決か、IT 資産使用の最適化かを問わず、IT エンタープライズライフサイクル全体にわたり、ビジネス目標を満たし、課題を克服するのに理想的と位置付けられています。

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Observer Apex offers end-user experience scoring with seamless integration to GigaFlow enriched records and GigaStor transaction details to help IT teams achieve optimal service delivery.
The best packet capture and analysis appliance in the industry ensures every network conversation is available for troubleshooting and deep-dive forensic investigations.
GigaFlow Summary Dashboard
Observer GigaFlow transforms flow-based analysis by combining multiple traffic and infrastructure data sources to provide deep performance management and network security insight
SaaS-based, flexible, and quick to deploy active testing, ObserverLIVE empowers teams to overcome the potential pitfalls of hybrid IT while fully leveraging its business value.
Observer Analyzer
Observer Analyzer monitors unified communications (UC) deployments, network performance, applications, and troubleshooting on complex networks including VM environments.
The Observer Management Server (OMS) UI features simple navigation to easily authenticate, control user access and passwords, administer upgrades, and streamline management from a single, centralized location.
Cover your edge and remote network sites with Observer Probes. Monitor performance and aggregate across sites with GigaStor within Apex for broad visibility into resource health.
High-Density Optical nTAP
Quick to deploy and economical to implement, our network TAPs provide important devices the visibility they need.

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