Listen to Your Network Video Series

Your network has so much it wants to tell you.

With the continued expansion of IoT, SD-WAN deployments, cloud migrations, and an increase in remote users, today’s hybrid IT environment is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and secure.

Network and security teams need immediate access to the right data, but the all this complexity can make it challenging to find and make sense of everything your network has to tell you.

In this series of brief, 5-10 minute educational videos, we’ll delve into potential data sources that you have already invested in and untapped veins of information that will help you find and resolve threats, troubleshoot issues more quickly, understand the end-user experience, and address performance issues before they impact the business.

A short list of the network performance and threat topics includes:

  • Security profiling
  • Enriched flow analysis
  • VPN monitoring
  • DNS exfiltration
  • Much more…

You’ll come away with a better understanding of under-utilized data sources and techniques to help you effectively identify and manage network and application performance issues, mitigate security threats, and ultimately drive operational excellence.

A look at a typical day in IT identifying and managing performance issues, followed by a discussion of the best use of meta-data and packet data, illustrating the VIAVI difference using our patent-pending End-User Experience Score.

Why network and application performance monitoring is missing the mark with data overload and lack of context.

Episode 3: Monitoring Internet Services with Apex

A three-part video describing the basics, configuring sites/subnets, and illustrating the APEX dashboard builds that are necessary for monitoring internet services like Office 365.

  • Part 1: The Basics - 00:34
  • Part 2: Configuring Sites and Subnets - 03:16 (Download
    , and unzip to use the sample CSV file.
  • Part 3: Creating Your Internet Service Dashboards - 10:14

A look at multiple data exfiltration techniques used by hackers with a focus on DNS exfiltration, illustrated by an example of how VIAVI and NPMD vendors can help with detection and investigation to reduce dwell time.

Understanding the VPN Gateway and what can impact performance for both in-house and remote workers.

Learn how Observer's Enriched Flow re-imagines traditional NetFlow by stitching together user identities, Layer 2 and Layer 3 insights, and app usage details into interactive, easy-to-use visualizations.

Learn about whitelisting, blacklisting, and how Observer makes it easy to configure host and service profiles as well as review profiled security alarms.

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