Introducing Observer GigaTest

Industry’s First End-User Experience Scoring Powered by Packet and Active Test Data

Cloud, hybrid IT, and ubiquitous remote users located anywhere and everywhere are the new normal environment for delivering critical IT services. The trouble is IT teams struggle to manage end-user experience across this wide-reaching ecosystem. In particular, visibility into cloud-hosted services has always presented a challenge to IT teams. Observer 3D v18.6 addresses this challenge and delivers complete network observability driven by our patented end-user experience (EUE) scoring across your hybrid IT environment to fill the visibility gaps , to proactively identify issues, and quickly identify root cause.

Check out the real-world demonstration of v18.6 in action (video to the right) or click below for more demo videos. 


IT teams need an efficient and easy way to understand performance from the perspective of the end user, helping them quickly identify problems, and efficiently isolate the cause - to do that we must intelligently leverage and combine multiple data sources. The outcome—until Observer 3D with active test—was typically KPI overload and alert fatigue as operations and engineering teams struggle to resolve issues or take decisive, productive action to improve performance that helps the business.

Observer Apex, a key component of Observer 3D,  is now available with GigaTest™, built-in active test functionality that augments packet level analysis and enriched and enhanced flow insight. With GigaTest, the patented End-User Experience score has become even more expansive, now factoring service delivery of cloud-hosted applications into the score. It delivers proactive test analytics and performance visibility for the applications you use every day whether on-premises or in the cloud as well as wherever users are located. IT staff get a single, global view of hybrid network health with deep visibility and actionable insights into their IT services from the remote user, on-premises, to SaaS cloud-based apps.

End-User Score - 4.0

How GigaTest Works

Active testing eliminates blind spots, complements packet and flow data, and builds on the recently announced Observer 3D initiative. Select from three different agents to work alongside your packet capture and flow analysis to provide complete network visibility. Mix and match agents depending on where your visibility gaps exist.:

  • Windows Agent – for Windows-based server or workstation user devices
  • Virtual Agent – available for most popular VM environments
  • Raspberry Pi Image –  for use on Raspberry Pi hardware within any on-premises enterprise environment

Once your agents are deployed, add the GigaTest functionality to your Apex instance to process the metadata created by the agents—it’s that simple and you are up and running.

Why do I need GigaTest?

There are two primary use cases for integrated active testing:

  • Providing visibility into cloud-based SaaS applications
  • Understanding and assuring the remote users' service experience.

Integrating active test data with packet and flow, delivers comprehensive end-to-end network monitoring coverage. IT teams can confidently answer questions such as:

  • Which specific domain is being impacted, can the issue be isolated to the network, application, server, or client?
  • Is there a problem affecting a single site or multiple sites?
  • Is there a problem affecting access to a SaaS application by users? Is it the SaaS provider or a problem on our side, whether on-premises or remote user?

Continuous, ongoing monitoring enables IT teams to maintain visibility proactively and build baselines of current SaaS and UC health - greatly increasing availability by detecting when service levels begin drifting problematically.

Get proactive and in-front of user complaints using integrated monitoring and automated analysis and scoring. It will optimize your operational efficiency, keep end-users productive, and minimize disruption to your business and your customers.

Observer Checklist

Understand how Observer 3D Platform delivers integrated hybrid monitoring visibility: