Observer nTAP High Density Optical

With several options available, you can scale up to 24 modules in one unit of rack with the High-Density Optical TAP.

High-Density Optical nTAP

The High-Density Optical nTAP can be configured based upon your network needs. Start with just the chassis and a few modules today. Add components as your needs evolve. You can mix and match modules as you like and create any combination of up to 24 modules in one 1U rack.


  • Durable: Rugged aluminum chassis designed exclusively by VIAVI Solutions. No off-the-shelf components.
  • Modular: Built to scale. Start with only the modules you need. Add or change modules as you see fit.
  • Efficient: The space-saving design optimizes data center usage. Tap up to 24 fiber links inside a 1U rack.
  • Versatile: Mix and match speeds, fiber modes, and split ratios needed for your environment..

Use optical nTAPs to send identical copies of critical traffic to network analyzers, remote monitoring appliances, forensics tools, and similar devices capable of supporting dual, non-aggregated data streams. For further flexibility, Observer Copper-to-Optical and Optical-to-Copper Conversion nTAPs are available.

Which nTAP do I need? Tap vs Span

Install the Observer High-Density Optical nTAP (HDOT) 1U rack in your data center. Then insert a module (options include Gb, 10 Gb, 40 Gb, and 100 Gb) into the enclosure between two devices of interest on a full-duplex optical link (each HDOT supports up to 24 modules). Next, attach an optical monitoring device to the module. To successfully analyze the full-duplex link, the monitoring device must be equipped with a dual-receive capture card.

Technical Specs


Height1.73 in /  4.4 cm1.57 in / 4 cm
Width19 in / 48.3 cm0.66 in / 1.7 cm
Depth8.36 in / 21.2 cm9.95 in / 25.3 cm
Weight3.5 lbs / 1.59 kg0.45 lbs / 0.2 kg


Multimode (62.5 μm)Multimode (50 μm)Single-mode (9 μm)

Maximum Insertion Losses (dB)

Split RatioMultimode 62.5 μmMultimode 50 μmSingle-mode 9 μm
 (1300 nm)(850 nm)(1300 nm)(850 nm)(1310/1550 nm)
50/503.9/3.9 dB4.7/4.7 dB4.5/4.5 dB5.5/5.5 dB3.6/3.6 dB

Supported Media

Fiber type Single-modeMultimode
Fiber Diameter9 μm50 μm or 62.5 μm
Wavelength Range1310 nm or 1550 nm850 nm or 1300 nm

Environmental Requirements

SpecificationOperational Range
Temperature Range (operating)-40° to 185° (F) / -40° to 85° (C)
Temperature Range (storage)-52° to 185° (F) / -47° to 85° (C)