Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management

Centralized Management of End-User Experience, Performance & Security

VIAVI enterprise performance management solutions allow IT teams to effectively manage networks, mitigate risk, and solve network performance problems by leveraging end-user experience insight, high-fidelity forensics, and automated workflows.

Comprehensive and Actionable Enterprise Performance Management

Today's IT teams struggle to balance the need for innovation and ongoing change management, with day-to-day operational excellence to ensure business operations success. In fact, according to CIO Magazine "nearly 75% of CIOs are challenged in striking balance between innovation and operational excellence".

VIAVI enterprise network performance management solutions provide outcome-focused performance insight across on-premise, cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures by strategically focusing on end-user experience. Whether performance issues are the result of planned changes, such as systems migrations, or unexpected events like a security breach, simple end-user experience scores can direct you to the correct issue domain and resolution workflows in three clicks or less.

Learn more about the VIAVI enterprise performance management solutions for Cloud & Hybrid IT, Network Performance Monitoring, End-User Experience, and Network Security Forensics.

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VIAVI Observer Enterprise Performance Management solutions offer visibility through a variety of data sources ranging from high-speed packet capture and enriched flow to active testing for proactive performance monitoring. These data sources are aggregated into user-friendly KPIs and scores allowing IT to quickly identify issues, before users are impacted, and solve problems fast. Gather insight in the datacenter core, remote locations, cloud environments, or at end-user locations whether on-premise or remote. Achieve operational excellence and drive IT innovation with solutions precision engineered for:

  • Network Performance Monitoring

    Often the greatest challenge with network troubleshooting is knowing where to begin searching for the actual source of the performance issue. VIAVI network performance monitoring solutions proactively identify the most critical network issues with end-user experience scores, problem diagnosis, and out-of-the-box workflows leading teams to fast resolution. All analytic intelligence is backed by complete, unaltered packet and flow data, providing high-fidelity wire data for granular root-cause analysis and security investigations. Learn More.

  • Cloud Performance Management

    Monitoring and troubleshooting problems in cloud and hybrid IT environments can be complex and utilize an increasing number of resources. There is also concern that a lack of cloud visibility will prevent enterprises from fully optimizing the end-user experience and jeopardize the ROI of cloud and hybrid IT initiatives. The VIAVI network performance monitoring solution provides cloud monitoring capabilities that help organizations to meet and exceed end-user expectations by facilitating the delivery of exceptional service and quick issue resolution, no matter where supporting IT assets reside. Learn More.

  • Network Security Intelligence

    Recent high-profile attacks have underscored the need for more robust network security strategies, specifically an effective network security forensics solution for post-event analysis and recovery. The average successful security breach can take months to detect and without capturing network traffic, network engineers and security analysts won’t always know the entry method - or the extent of the damage. The VIAVI network performance monitoring solution ensures that every packet and associated flow data is captured and available for network security forensics and post-event investigations. Breaches and compromised resources can be quickly isolated and identified through threat-assessment analysis and by replaying traffic and applying extensive analytics to the packets. Learn More.

  • Unified Communications Performance Management

    With little room for error, unified communications (UC) management and troubleshooting is daunting. Video, VoIP, instant messaging, and email create challenges that include massive bandwidth demands, inter-service dependencies, and complex troubleshooting. The VIAVI network performance monitoring solution provides total visibility for the network ecosystem and application analysis within an environmental context for insight into resource and service conflicts with potential end-user impact. Learn More.

  • Virtualization

    The challenge for service delivery teams whether server, network, or infrastructure lies in knowing the health of virtualized infrastructure operations and software-defined networks (SDN). This means understanding the performance status of all virtualized environments, their underlying host health, and relevant applications that run in these environments. The VIAVI network performance monitoring solution gives teams complete gigabit ethernet, 10 gigabit, and 40 gigabit visibility on high-capacity access layer links to, and from the virtualized servers. Learn More.

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