Observer 平台/GigaStor

Observer 平台是一款全面的网络性能监控和诊断 (NPMD) 解决方案,是维持所有 IT 服务最高性能的理想之选。

Observer 平台设计为一种集成产品,可通过从高级仪表板到服务异常根本原因的预定义工作流深入了解关键 KPI。不管是部署新技术、管理当前资源、解决服务异常还是优化 IT 资产使用情况,都非常适合于在整个 IT 企业生命周期内实现业务目标和克服难题。

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Observer Apex offers end-user experience scoring with seamless integration to GigaFlow enriched records and GigaStor transaction details to help IT teams achieve optimal service delivery.
The best packet capture and analysis appliance in the industry ensures every network conversation is available for troubleshooting and deep-dive forensic investigations.
GigaFlow Summary Dashboard
Observer GigaFlow transforms flow-based analysis by combining multiple traffic and infrastructure data sources to provide deep performance management and network security insight
SaaS-based, flexible, and quick to deploy active testing, ObserverLIVE empowers teams to overcome the potential pitfalls of hybrid IT while fully leveraging its business value.
Observer Analyzer
Observer Analyzer monitors unified communications (UC) deployments, network performance, applications, and troubleshooting on complex networks including VM environments.
The Observer Management Server (OMS) UI features simple navigation to easily authenticate, control user access and passwords, administer upgrades, and streamline management from a single, centralized location.
High-Density Optical nTAP
Quick to deploy and economical to implement, our network TAPs provide important devices the visibility they need.

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