Industry-leading wire data analysis without breaking the bank ​

Budget Friendly without Compromise

ObserverONE is the VIAVI enterprise solution to empower IT teams to gain the powerful performance and security insights of the entire Observer platform all in one upgradable box. Ideal for deployments where simplicity is key, this appliance combines Apex’s superior visibility to end-user experience with GigaStor’s industry leading wire data and analysis and GigaFlow’s enriched flow analysis. ObserverONE can deliver 10 Gbps stream-to-disk speeds, 10 Gbps of network metadata, and 10K flows per second, offering optimal security and performance management at a cost-effective price point.


Zero to Functional in Minutes, not Months

Traditionally, deploying a network performance and monitoring tool can take months. ObserverONE challenges this paradigm by making implementation a breeze right out of the box. With its small footprint, easy learning curve, and all-in-one packaging, ObserverONE’s industry leading wire data and flow-based analysis can be up and in running in no time.

Invest in your Cyber Posture

In today’s world, security threats abound and the repercussions are higher than ever before. The average data breach costs more than $8M and the reputational damage for an organization can go far beyond.1 The need to invest in your cyber arsenal has never been greater.

That’s where Observer’s premier wire data and enriched flow analysis comes in. ObserverONE’s automated threat assessment and advanced traffic profiling strengthens your defense by immediately identifying rogue activity and unauthorized devices. In fact, according to a recent EMA study, enterprises who used wire data as a part of their normal cybersecurity toolset had shorter breach detection and response times and more confidence in workflows and processes.2 This means higher satisfaction from operations teams, and more time available to focus on driving optimal service delivery.

Features and Benefits Summary

  • End-User Experience scoring powered by machine learning takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting application and service issues
  • Dual site or technology-based workflows synchronize with end-user experience scoring for fast-path to resolution navigation
  • Security forensics and reconstruction using wire data from GigaStor provides detailed breakouts of every network conversation
  • 10 Gbps write-to-disk speeds, 10 Gbps of network metadata, and 10K flows per second are available all in one box
  • Threat intelligence capabilities from enriched flow analysis in GigaFlow allows in-depth global threat identification and advanced traffic profiling of every host and device
  • ObserverONE leaves a small footprint with its compact 4U enclosure, greatly freeing up rack space in your data center
  • High-fidelity forensic visibility into network conversations over time supporting investigations reduces mean time to resolution
  • Advanced service path visibility ensures immediate problem domain isolation across hybrid IT environments
  • The ObserverONE provides a futureproof solution, upgradable as your requirements grow by adding GigaStor or additional ObserverONE units that seamlessly integrate with the Observer platform

1 “Cost of a Data Breach Report”, Ponemon Institute, 2019
2 Monahan, David, “Unlocking High Fidelity Security 2019”, Enterprise Management Associates, 2019

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