Observer Matrix (Discontinued)

Replicate, aggregate or load balance tool traffic without restriction – all with an intuitive, HTML-based GUI using Observer Matrix.

This product has been discontinued.

This product has been discontinued

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Network Performance Monitoring Tools

Observer Matrix Network Monitoring Switch is the perfect device to enhance the power of your monitoring appliances. Designed from the ground-up, the Matrix uses a modern HTML5 GUI and the best underlying hardware technology for optimal ease of use and performance. Stop compromising simple configurability or giving up on powerful switch features and functionality. With Matrix quickly leverage all your legacy monitoring tools, and get the right data to the right tool in a timely manner. IT teams will benefit with features such as:

  • Industry's first rule-based interface makes packet manipulation and filtering a breeze
  • Drag-and-drop GUI network-tool port connectivity provides the ultimate in flexible traffic flow configuration, visualization, and management
  • Cost-effective design means pay for only those monitoring resources you need while making 24 port expansion simple
  • Traffic pre-processing which can extend the life of legacy monitoring equipment or dramatically increase tool efficiency
  • Selectively directing and passing only the most critical traffic making the transition to 10 Gb less painful

Matrix achieves all this by exploiting the core Network Instruments competency; placing high-end functionality and components directly into a custom hardware design rather than implementing an invariably slower solution in software. Wrapping it all together in a modern GUI makes it unique in the industry and offers the best of both worlds—extreme performance and incredible usability.

Key capabilities:

  • Flexible port assignments (any port can serve as a network or tool port)
  • Perform complex filtering using a GUI and/or BPF language
  • Replicate, aggregate, or load balance tool traffic without restriction
  • Scale to 24 ports of gigabit or 10 Gb and beyond
  • Choose IEEE-1588 (PTP), GPS, or NTP time stamp options
  • RESTful API to monitor and/or manage the Matrix with third party apps

Observer Matrix integrates with the entire Network Instruments Observer Platform. Specifically, it perfectly complements Observer GigaStor, maximizing the value of the appliance by manipulating packets (de-duping, slicing, etc.) and transmitting only relevant data to the device, thereby freeing up its system resources to focus on what it does best; applying advanced analytics for rapid troubleshooting.

Likewise, the value of any real-time or back-in-time solution tasked with inspecting packets and their contents are greatly enhanced by the Matrix. Examples include load balancers, IDS, DLP, or firewalls.

Observer Matrix can be quickly mounted in most rack units. Once installed, it's easy to add network SPAN or TAP links on the ingress ports along with various monitoring tools on the egress ports. Status and configuration can be done via a CLI or with the HTML5 interface via most popular web browsers.

Best Practices

  • Network Instruments recommends customers review the installation point of the Matrix within the data center to minimize cabling overhead
  • Consider the location of TAPs and/or SPANs
  • Downstream monitoring tools' locations should be assessed to ensure easy access as required
  • Be sure to account for rack space availability. Matrix is designed for easy mounting within a standard rack unit, its small footprint consuming only a single 1U of real estate.

Now cabling to and from the Matrix can begin. With sufficient ports licensed and enabled for your gigabit and 10 Gb network/tool connections, it's a simple matter to complete ingress and egress connections.

Configuration Options

Observer Matrix's user-friendly design is clear when it comes to configuration options. Units can be purchased partially populated, and iteratively increased in the field to a maximum of 24 ports. All activated ports are fully functional with all features enabled.

To monitor more than 24 ports, users can daisy chain multiple Matrix units for large data center deployments with numerous monitoring points and/or tools. There are no architectural limits to the number of Matrix units daisy chained.

Technical Specs

Observer Matrix is a 1U network monitoring switch capable of supporting up to 24 network or tool ports. Large deployments in excess of 24 ports can be achieved by daisy chaining connecting multiple 1024s. The smallest configuration is eight ports, but units will be configured and shipped in various sizes and speeds.

There is no restriction on how any given port is configured.

The Observer Matrix is an in-house designed network monitoring switch enclosure capable of supporting up to 24 ports of network and tool traffic.


1U 19-inch rack mountable appliance
16.835 in (W) (without mounting ears) x 1.73 in (H) x 18 in (D)
42.8 cm (W) (without mounting ears) x 4.4 cm (H) x 45.7 cm (D)


17 lbs (7.71 kg)

Port Support (1 Gb and 10 Gb)

Up to 24 ports

Time Stamping

IEEE-1588 (PTP), GPS, or NTP

Key Local/Remote Configuration and Management Capabilities

Out-of-band management
Graceful remote reboot
Full featured HTML5 GUI, CLI, or RESTful API
Alert and syslog notifications

Power Consumption (Full load)

Input voltage: 100V-240V auto select
AC/DC options
Input frequency: 50/60Hz
Redundant power supply
93W (317 Btu/h)

Operating Temperature

32 F (0 C) to 104 F (40 C)


Repair and Calibration

Our products live in rugged environments for over 10 years with 1000s of test connect/disconnect cycles.  We will be there to support you to ensure components that require maintenance like connectors, batteries, and software updates to ensure you are ready to test accurately for years to come. We apply factory procedures that use fast, automated calibration and functional verification, maintenance using OEM parts and the application of all engineering change orders and software updates. Services are available through contract Care plans, FleetCare or per incident as requests. 

Top 4 Reasons to Choose VIAVI for Your Repair and Calibration Needs:

  • Minimize business disruption
  • Budget
  • Measurement Accuracy and Product Reliability
  • Measurement Compliance, TL9000 certification and OEM Standards

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有了 Observer 平台,最大好处是能够较快获得专家分析。捕获在持续运行,因此我们可以随时分析,而不必安装额外设备。

Landrin Long


提供的选件和产品功能令人惊叹。我们使用 Observer 解决问题的速度比我们拥有的任何其他分析软件都快。

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我发现 Observer 平台在诊断应用程序和网络问题方面是非常宝贵的工具。

Peter Young 网络管理员