SaaS-based, flexible, and quick to deploy active testing, ObserverLIVE empowers teams to overcome the potential pitfalls of hybrid IT while fully leveraging its business value.

Cloud-based service deployments, complex multi-tier applications, remote employees, and customer expectations of anywhere, anytime availability of IT services can challenge performance monitoring visibility.


Saas-based provides ongoing, proactive testing of critical web-based services and network links to assess user experience and stay a step ahead of performance degradation. It enhances service delivery of web and other SaaS applications like, Office365, and VoIP services along with the critical links that support them. It also solves individual user complaints with on-demand, remote diagnostics. ObserverLIVE detects and streamlines triaging and resolution of user experience issues in hybrid IT environments, complementing Observer on-premises monitoring capabilities.

Benefit Summary:

  • Rapidly solve end-user service problems
  • Achieve global 24x7x365 service availability validation
  • Quickly isolate service problem domain to application, network, or server
  • Gain global IT operational awareness
  • Confirm acceptable connectivity between data centers, branches, and remote user access
  • Verify VoIP service uptime and quality
  • Confidently deploy new services globally, migrate apps to the cloud, or upgrade network capacity   
  • Improve tier 3 support efficiency  
  • Enforce SLA agreements with carriers, MSP, and third-party applications  
  • Maximize efficiency with flexible performance monitoring deployment options​

Key Features Include:

  • On-demand, ad-hoc, remote diagnostic functionality independent of user location 
  • Real-world synthetic transactions to SaaS and internally hosted web-based applications
  • Streamlined IT team processing escalation and resolution
  • Interactive, out-of-box dashboards and real-time alerts of performance deviations; navigate to view branch or specific end-user conditions
  • Open-ended network link assessments
  • Ability to test endpoints or handsets by completing periodic, repeated, simulated calls including setup, data transmission, and teardown
  • Automated performance KPI baselining insight   
  • Expanded, detailed problem-solving abilities to include more network and operations staff by leveraging sophisticated analytics and streamlined reporting  
  • SaaS-based hyper-scalable, multi-tenancy architecture offers multiple free or low-cost instrumentations options​

Active Testing

ObserverLIVE adds a new perspective to application, VoIP, and network management with synthetic transaction testing. ObserverLIVE makes worldwide proactive monitoring of web and SaaS-based applications, VoIP services, and supporting network links easier through automated and continuous exercising of hybrid IT resources.

End-User Experience Intelligence

ObserverLIVE performs ongoing end-user experience testing of web, SaaS, and VoIP services. Designed to rigorously exercise all IT delivery components including clients, servers, applications, and supporting network links, ObserverLIVE delivers detailed visibility of bottlenecks and problem areas with a global perspective.

Hybrid IT Service Validation

Two challenging aspects to managing hybrid IT application performance are establishing visibility between the cloud and on-premises environments and accurately isolating the source of problems between the cloud, virtual, and physical environments. Whether web-based apps or SaaS solutions, ObserverLIVE delivers on this objective of full visibility with root cause analysis through virtual, on-premises, or world-wide cloud instrumentation that constantly evaluates mission-critical business services.

VoIP Performance Certification

Given its real-time nature and sensitivity to contention, VoIP performance is greatly impacted by network quality and optimal QoS definitions. When these degrade or are incorrectly set, end-user experience materially suffers. ObserverLIVE is designed to continuously confirm VoIP health via repeated, simulated calls including setup, data transmission, and tear-down so your IT users never experience a poor call.

Network Quality

Assessing user experience in hybrid IT environments and enforcing service SLAs with providers is essential to effectively supporting your business and demands a new strategy—proactive, ongoing network-link testing. ObserverLIVE makes the process simple by providing deep insight into current and historical trends of network utilization and latency, the foundation of which all your IT service delivery rests.

Remote User Troubleshooting

Rapidly solve user service problems with on-demand, ad-hoc remote diagnostic functionality wherever they are located. Requiring only internet connectivity, pre-configured, virtual, secure agents are easily deployed on end-user systems anywhere in the world with an email and single user mouse click. Once installed, they execute a battery of tests, locate the anomaly, communicate the results to the ObserverLIVE cloud host, and then automatically remove themselves.

Global Operational Awareness

Gain worldwide service visibility and understand real-time end-user experience of your critical IT assets without having to wait for complaints or for the issue to impact the bottom line. Built for flexibility and meant to grow with your business, ObserverLIVE is a hyper-scalable, multi-tenancy architecture offering free and low-cost instrumentation options.

Cloud Migration

Migrate apps to the cloud and deploy new services globally with complete confidence. Whether moving to a SaaS provider or hosting applications on an IaaS platform, ObserverLIVE allows teams to benchmark user experience before and after deployment as well as test and troubleshoot cloud services before rolling them into production.

Con la plataforma Observer, lo mejor es tener la posibilidad de acceder a un análisis especializado relativamente rápido. Las capturas se realizan constantemente, de modo que podemos obtener análisis en cualquier momento sin tener que instalar equipos adicionales.

Landrin Long
Departamento de Tecnología de la Información de Nevada (Estados Unidos)

Las opciones disponibles y el potencial del producto son impresionantes. Hemos solucionado más problemas y de forma más rápida con Observer que con ningún otro software de análisis de los que hemos tenido.

Landrin Long
Departamento de Tecnología de la Información de Nevada (Estados Unidos)

La plataforma Observer es una herramienta indispensable a la hora de diagnosticar los problemas tanto de aplicaciones como de redes

Peter Young, administrador de redes
Ministerio del Interior del Reino Unido

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