Observer GigaStor

Enable end-user experience scoring with the best packet capture, analysis, and storage solution in the industry - empowering IT teams with in-depth network conversation details for troubleshooting, performance optimization, and security investigations.

GigaStor serves as the source of packet insights while also storing them for back-in-time access for Observer 3D. Using these packet insights, Observer Apex generates end-user experience scores for every network conversation, providing critical individual and enterprise-wide visibility into IT service health and fast troubleshooting when problems arise.

The undisputed leader in back-in-time analysis, GigaStor eliminates the time-consuming and potentially inaccurate task of recreating problems for troubleshooting and investigating security issues. Just hit rewind to go back in time and review past network activity. Navigate to the exact moment of the service anomaly to see detailed, packet-level views before, during, and after the occurrence.

Eliminate unnecessary finger pointing between Netops, and SecOps and DevOps with fast and accurate root cause identification. Speed resolution of any application, network, or UC issue while using the security forensics capabilities of GigaStor to identify whether a breach has occurred and what resources have been compromised.

GigaStor offers the following features and benefits:

  • Independently validated line-rate capture performance at 40 Gbps with support for 100 Gb networks; accelerates service anomaly resolution and security investigations
  • Back-in-time functionality means never having to wait for a service anomaly to repeat before identifying and putting resolution measures into place.
  • Scalable to more than a petabyte of storage capacity enables extended visibility into past service delivery health; AES-256 data-at-rest encryption ensures regulatory data privacy compliance
  • Expert analytics offers detailed network and application intelligence including deep-packet inspection; ideal for in-depth transaction-level awareness into service and potential security issues
  • Fault-tolerant custom design supports five years of uninterrupted, 100 percent duty-cycle capture without dropping a single packet

Its flexibility and storage capacity made Observer GigaStor Portable the logical choice on which to standardize our network practice.
- NEC Unified Solutions

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Bigger Storage, Smaller Footprint

GigaStor delivers more than a petabyte of data storage in a compact 16U footprint – saving you space and reducing operational costs in your data center, all while letting you to store more data for longer periods of recording time.

3rd Party Validated 60 Gbps Packet Capture Rates

GigaStor has been validated by Tolly Research Group to capture traffic at 60 Gbps with real-world conversation loads – the fastest independently validated rate available in the market. Compared with other solutions that can drop packets or require restrictive filtering that can create monitoring blind spots, GigaStor delivers the performance and accuracy you demand to ensure fast troubleshooting.

Gen3 100 Gb Capture Card

To stay ahead of surging traffic volumes, VIAVI has developed a new next generation capture card that incorporates the latest in integrated circuit and bus technologies to support network packet capture and analysis at up to 100 Gb network speeds

Line-Rate Packet Capture

GigaStor supports line-rate 1, 10 Gb, and 40 Gb ingress network capture performance, ensuring total transaction visibility and intelligence. Tuned hardware-software design, with an advanced GigaStor accelerated analytics engine, achieves simultaneous line-rate capture and the fastest packet capture mining in the industry for nearly instant network traffic awareness.

Root-Cause Analysis

Sift through more than a petabyte of data, perform analysis, and find the problem through fast root-cause analysis – minimizing downtime and end-user impact. From an enterprise-wide view, you can drill down to whatever level of detail required to solve performance issues or contain a security breach.

Unique Enclosure Designs

GigaStor appliances are built on a custom-configured foundation, tuned to deliver the best packet capture, analysis, and reliability in the industry. Available in 2U and 4U enclosures or an exclusive portable formfactor for fast, take-anywhere troubleshooting. GigaStor appliances are developed to support five years of uninterrupted, 100% duty-cycle, line-rate capture without dropping a single packet for the ultimate in network conversation visibility and peace of mind.

Network Security Forensics

GigaStor makes collaboration between the network, operations, and security teams simple. It captures and stores all network conversations for later analysis and reporting, making it ideal for augmenting existing real-time security solutions and for satisfying compliance and regulatory objectives. GigaStor not only shows conversations, it can reconstruct the mined data – providing evidence such as phone conversations, web pages, instant messages, and emails while also allowing security teams to determine which assets were compromised.

Compact GigaStor 24TB

The GigaStor line has been expanded to offer a new 24TB unit in a sleek 2U form factor. Field expandable to 48TB, it’s the perfect solution for large enterprise network edge/large branch deployments or for mid-size organizations seeking high-performance, cost-effective packet capture and retention.

Observer GigaStor integrates with Apex and GigaFlow

Integration into Observer

Observer Analyzer

GigaStor works seamlessly with the Analyzer console for Expert Analysis, trending, alerting, and more. Analyzer helps network and operations teams understand packet flow across the network and its impact on service health, while GigaStor adds back-in-time capabilities so that packets can be stored and reviewed if needed, ensuring no sporadic application abnormalities or security threats are missed.

Observer GigaStor appliances can be easily mounted in a standard rack unit. By utilizing the Observer nTAPs included, you can insert and remove a GigaStor from the network without disruption of flow. GigaStor works together with Apex or Analyzer for in-depth analysis.

GigaStor Software Edition (GSE) is designed to provide all the analytics and back-in-time capabilities of the appliance with the added flexibility of deployment in nearly any Windows environment. Ideally suited for monitoring virtualized east-west server traffic as a VM instance, in the cloud or deployed on a laptop for flexible troubleshooting anywhere from branch office to the data center core.

Best Practices

  • Place GigaStor appliances in the data center core
  • Locate near servers to capture server-to-server traffic, whether within VMs for virtual instances
  • The distribution layer is another optimal position for GigaStor
  • Deploy GSE within cloud environments for application and network performance perspective

Choose the right Observer GigaStor for your organization's size and needs.

VIAVI offers multiple GigaStor options in various form factors, network speeds, port counts, and capacities that range from 256 GB to more than a petabyte. For more information beyond the appliance summary shown below, review the following reference table, use the GigaStor Calculator, or contact a VIAVI Solutions sales expert.

GigaStor Appliance

Scale up to a petabyte and beyond
GigaStor rack-based appliances are available in 2U and 4U enclosures in a variety of capacities, port counts, and supported network speeds from 16 TB to 1.2 PB of data. For more details, please refer to the following table

GigaStor Portable

On-the-Go Packet Capture and Analysis
The GigaStor Portable is the first self-contained performance monitoring and analysis solution. Count on it for troubleshooting network and application problems wherever they occur. Take GigaStor Portable with you anywhere to capture days of packet-level data, isolate network issues fast, and reconstruct data streams.

GigaStor Software Edition

GigaStor Software Edition (GSE) provides the analytics and back-in-time capabilities of the entire product family with the added flexibility of deployment in nearly any Windows environment. Ideally suited for monitoring virtualized east-west server traffic via installation on a VM instance, it can also be deployed on a laptop for fast troubleshooting anywhere from branch office to the data center core. Available in capacities from 256 GB to 64 TB.


ObserverONE is VIAVI’s enterprise solution that empowers IT teams to gain the powerful security and performance insights of the entire Observer platform - all in one box. This upgradable appliance combines Apex’s superior end-user experience with GigaStor’s industry leading packet capture and GigaFlow’s enriched flow analysis, offering optimal performance at a modest price point and minimal footprint.
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Technical Specs

All Observer GigaStor Appliances

GigaStor is designed to integrate with Observer Apex. In addition, the appliances include a local Observer Analyzer Expert Edition console and can connect to any Analyzer Expert or Suite Edition. To ensure the highest performance packet capture and mining, all appliance and portable models use VIAVI Solutions custom designed capture card. Note, depending on the model, appliances support gigabit, 10 Gb, 40 Gb, and 100 Gb network interfaces.

GigaStor Form FactorStorage Capacity
GigaStor Software Edition (GSE) or Virtual Appliance256 GB-64 TB
GigaStor Portable8 TB (SSD)
GigaStor Appliance (2U)24/48/96 TB
GigaStor Appliance (4U)192 TB-1.2 PB
ObserverONE72 TB

GigaStor Software Edition (GSE)

GSE and virtual appliance are software-only products. GSE is available in multiple license choices, supporting 256 GB to 64 TB of storage. It’s a perfect choice for deployment within virtualized server environments to gain visibility into east-west vSwitch traffic, or on a laptop for back-in-time packet capture and analysis at the data center core, network edge, and beyond. GSE is identical in most ways to GigaStor hardware purchased from VIAVI. However, the few differences that exist are due to GSE naturally lacking GigaStor hardware components like the capture card and high-performance RAID card(s).

GigaStor Portable

GigaStor Portable is a custom-designed appliance built to allow for flexible application and network debug, especially where a dedicated probe is not optimal. Its lightweight form factor makes it easy to quickly move around the data center or transport to a branch office.

Technical Specifications

GigaStor Appliance (2U)

The GigaStor 2U models available with storage capacities are 24 (upgradeable to 48), 48, or 96 TB. The 24 and 48 TB models offer four ports while the 96 TB supports eight ports—all models support 1/10 Gb interface speeds. Ideal for small/medium data centers or the network edge.

Technical Specifications

GigaStor Appliance (4U)

GigaStor 4U models support various port counts and network speeds including an eight port for 1/10 Gb, two port 40 Gb, or two port 100 Gb configurations. Model storage capacities begin at 96 TB and increase to 1.2 PB. Best for larger data center(s) deployments or anywhere that requires extended back-in-time storage or analysis capabilities.

Technical Specifications

GigaStor Appliance (4U)


ObserverONE is VIAVI’s enterprise NPMD tool to empower IT teams to gain the powerful security and performance insights of the entire Observer platform all in one box. This upgradable appliance combines Apex’s superior end-user experience with GigaStor’s industry leading packet capture and GigaFlow’s enriched flow analysis, offering optimal performance in a 4U appliance, with 192 TB storage and 10Gbps stream-to-disk speeds

Technical Specifications







有了 Observer 平台,最大好处是能够较快获得专家分析。捕获在持续运行,因此我们可以随时分析,而不必安装额外设备。

Landrin Long


提供的选件和产品功能令人惊叹。我们使用 Observer 解决问题的速度比我们拥有的任何其他分析软件都快。

Landrin Long


我发现 Observer 平台在诊断应用程序和网络问题方面是非常宝贵的工具。

Peter Young 网络管理员



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