Patterned Filters on Active Device Wafers

From the Masters of Optical Coating

VIAVI OSP has a rightful claim to mastery. Since 1948, we have continued to pioneer the development of advanced optical coating technologies.

The multiple optical sensors in today’s mobile devices must be exceptionally small and low cost without compromising performance. Wafer level processing (WLP), which comprises depositing patterned filters directly onto active device wafers, delivers the size, cost, and uncompromised performance demanded by users.VIAVI  OSP was a pioneer in WLP optical filters and today enjoys a leading position as a supplier to the world’s largest CE brands. Virtually any of our optical filters can be integrated by WLP, from LWIR anti-reflection coatings for microbolometer lid wafers to UV-RGB-NIR multiple bandpass designs for multi-function devices. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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