Design and Modeling

Detailed modeling and analysis capabilities to predict expected performance.

We are constantly working on novel, state-of-the-art optical application that require detailed modeling and analysis capabilities to accurately predict expected performance given the chosen fabrication methods. Over the years we have developed internal capabilities for the design, modeling, and tolerancing o optical systems and components to support its product development and to provide customers with robust design solutions and performance prediction prior to production.

Here is some of our expertise:

Optical design and modeling of complex structured surfaces such as diffusers and microlens arrays

Opto-mechanical system design

In-house development of laser writing systems (currently at the 5th generation laserwriter)

Gray-Scale Lithography

Imaging and non-imaging optics

Illumination systems, Solid-state lighting and Beam shaping

Diffractive Optics

Diffractive lenses, phase plates, spot arrays, beam shaping

Grating diffraction

Scalar and vector diffraction by arbitrary gratings

In addition to our internally-developed modeling tools we also make use of available commercial optical design software.