VIAVI OSP is a global leader in overt security technology. We have decades of experience supplying solutions to governments and leading companies.

Overt Security Features

Overt features are designed to be easily recognizable to the public and difficult for counterfeiters to simulate. They are generally authenticated visually, without the aid of a special device or a high level of training, which makes them ideal for on-site validation by airport security, merchants, and consumers concerned about safety. The OSP overt technology platform is built around expertise in the use of optical and material technologies and decades of experience in authentication to manage light and color to create unique overt and covert effects that cannot be easily replicated or simulated using conventional technologies.

Covert Security Features

Covert authentication technologies contain hidden features which can only be detected with commercially available microscopes or specialized readers. These sophisticated technologies can either be incorporated into overt authentication solutions or can function on a standalone basis to protect against counterfeiting and diversion. VIAVI OSP provides a unique suite of covert authentication offerings including Charms™ microstructured taggants, UV/IR taggants, as well as microtext and nanotext.