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What's in a Name?

About VIAVI Solutions

VIAVI Solutions has two primary businesses – Network and Service Enablement (NSE) and Optical Security and Performance (OSP). VIAVI has more than 3500 employees and 60 offices serving the needs of our global customers.

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Network and Service Enablement

Our NSE business is built on a foundation of pioneering technology in fiber optic test and measurement that, to this day, fuels our success in helping to deliver fiber-intensive 5G networks. We are first-to-market with scalable test systems for validating 5G network performance and deliver unparalleled visibility and intelligence across physical, virtual, and hybrid networks. With our deep expertise, VIAVI helps service providers, enterprises, and their ecosystems, to deploy, maintain, optimize, and evolve the most complex and powerful networks on the planet.  Core competencies for NSE include:

VIAVI NSE customers include Communications Service Providers; Enterprises, Cloud Providers, and Data Centers; Network Equipment Manufacturers; Network Installers; Aerospace; Military and Government.

Optical Security and Performance

Our OSP business is home to renown experts in the management of light. From specialty filters used for space exploration to custom color solutions for paints, inks, and textiles, VIAVI products help to protect the world’s currency from counterfeiters, enhance the colors you see, and enable advanced technologies such as 3-D sensing. VIAVI OSP core competencies are in the areas of:

VIAVI OSP customers span many sectors, including consumer electronics; anti-counterfeiting; industrial; aerospace; and government.

Our History

Formerly JDSU, VIAVI Solutions was founded in 1923 as Wandel and Goltermann, a European company that grew from two technicians building and selling radios to one of the world’s largest suppliers of electronic test and measurement equipment. VIAVI has continued to amass expertise through investment in R&D and the acquisition of key technologies from companies including OCLI, Network Instruments, Agilent, Arieso, Trilithic, and Cobham AvComm and Wireless. Our experience and know-how positions us as valuable collaborators for customers working to implement leading-edge communications and optical technologies, specifically 5G and 3-D sensing. View our history timeline.