Who We Are

Test, Measurement, and Assurance Solutions and Advanced Precision Optical Solutions

Together with 400+ global Channel Partners, VIAVI sells an incredibly broad portfolio to network, communications, and electronics technology leaders across the globe. We don’t just offer individual products, we work with our customers to solve critical issues affecting end users, such as quality of service. Through our use cases, we are able to help customers identify opportunities to use data and analytics to improve their business. It’s why we are the #1 or #2 leader in every space in which we offer solutions – including industry game-changers like 5G, Fiber and 3D Sensing.

Here are just a few of our professional highlights. 

What We Do

For every role, in every business, everywhere in the world...

VIAVI empowers Service Providers and IT organizations to manage the network lifecycle for complex 5G and Fiber networks with intuitive instruments, systems and technologies; and our expertise in light management and optical coatings help protect the world’s bank notes from counterfeiters, enhance the colors you see, and enable advanced technology such as 3D sensing.

Here are just a few of our market leadership highlights. 

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How We Innovate

VIAVI is a company steeped in a diverse, rich, and technologically-savvy history. You’ve known us by another corporate name (JDSU), and over the years have seen us strategically execute many key technology acquisitions - including Cobham, Agilent, Arieso, Network Instruments, OCLI, RPC Photonics, 3Z Telecom, and Trilithic – to advance our already expansive offerings.

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