Passive Optical Network (PON)

Solutions Enabling Next-Gen PON

Together we’re meeting the growing demands of new PON technologies.

Energy-efficient passive optical networks establish a foundation for services ranging from high-speed fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) to split RAN 5G fronthaul deployments. Reliable PON performance in these rugged and complex environments requires comprehensive, specialized PON testing tools and processes. With construction, installation, and activation timelines accelerating to meet the growing demand, getting it right the first time has never been more important.

How VIAVI is Enabling Next-Generation PON  

VIAVI partners with service providers, contractors, utility companies, and municipalities to ensure accurate and efficient PON testing out of the gate while minimizing truck rolls and delays. Intuitive test interfaces, Bluetooth connectivity, and advanced test process automation (TPA) woven throughout the PON test suite reduce fiber tech training times and accelerate construction, installation, and service activation. Our comprehensive PON test solutions navigate the complexities of multi-service networks and coexistent services.

Underpinned by an award-winning fiber inspection and cleaning portfolio, VIAVI PON-specific devices and instruments simplify testing and troubleshooting processes at each lifecycle phase with capabilities that include:  

  • Bi-directional insertion loss, optical return loss, and OTDR testing with one-touch operation and reporting to drive efficiency and confidence during PON construction. 
  • Intelligent optical power meters designed specifically for last mile fiber link installation, certification, and troubleshooting leverage TPA to remove manual processes and track project deployment in real time. 
  • Wavelength selective PON power meters and TruePON identification capabilities quickly resolve common cross-connection issues and verify correct OLT/ONT pairings and power levels during service activation and troubleshooting.  
  • Optical network monitoring solutions manage fiber plant documentation, test fiber links remotely, and proactively locate areas of degradation. 
PON Testing

Together we are rising to the challenges brought on by the unprecedented growth and diversity of new and existing PON deployments around the world.  

The VIAVI Advantage 

Decades of collaboration and partnership with customers, manufacturers, and standards bodies have enabled VIAVI to instill the future of PON technology into the test solutions of today. Active participation in the 25GS-PON MSA Group has placed VIAVI at the cutting edge of PON technology, as new 5G and large-scale enterprise applications are optimized through a combination of E-PON and XGS-PON standards. These ongoing commitments to technology advancement and customer satisfaction have shaped the purpose-built VIAVI PON solutions as they adapt to the latest breakthroughs and trends.

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