Mission Critical Assurance

Service Assurance for Critical Communication Networks

Mission Critical Assurance

VIAVI Solutions, formerly Expandium & Comtest Wireless, provide tools for mission critical operators who depend on private networks to run their communications.


Designed for railways, ports, mines, airports, the emergency services, and more; we understand that maintaining a high quality of service and quality of experience is just as important as providing the service itself.

The new generation of Mission Critical Services (MCS) networks offers flexibility and local broadband access, which allows many sectors to improve their efficiency, reactivity and service quality, thanks to new applications and usages. 

As these services become more attractive and popular, people are more reliant on them, which means that any disruption to service can have a critical impact, not just on the business, but also on human life. That’s why Mission Critical Services availability must be monitored and tracked constantly, to allow Mission Critical Operators to investigate and quickly fix issues.

That’s why we provide powerful solutions, which actively test, monitor, troubleshoot, and manage mission critical communications systems. 
This enables end-to-end visibility of: 

Mobile devices - RAN - Core - IMS - MCx, ETCS, and other applications
Mission Critical Assurance

Ports - Railway - Power Plants - Private Networks - Mines - Transportation

By providing end-to-end visibility on the quality of service and network performance, VIAVI Solutions supports Critical Network Operators during all 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G network stages: deployment, qualification, acceptance and operation.

Use Cases

Introducing EVOIA

The EVOIA solutions make it easy to monitor your mission critical communications networks, radios and data throughput.

By providing end-to-end visibility on the quality of service and network performance, the EVOIA portfolio supports Critical Network Operators during all the network stages: deployment, qualification, acceptance and operation. Our solution also enables smooth migration from legacy to newer technologies. 

Key features with EVOIA

  • Actively test your network MCPTT, MCData and MCVideo coverage vs. SLAs and identify interference issues – before deployment and during operations
  • Monitor the MCx, Core and RAN, 24/7, including the use of automated alarms and alerts
  • Improve and manage secure MCPTT communication call quality for individual, emergency and group calls
  • Use MCVideo, to support worker safety and provide greater clarity on remote operations 
  • Enable MCData to connect your IoT devices, and provide real-time insights to boost productivity and profitability, and support predictive maintenance
  • Detect network and system vulnerabilities and cyber threats easily and with confidence

For those responsible for or working with multiple sites or users, , we offer a multi-tenancy option with EVOIA. This makes it easy to maximise the value from EVOIA licences.

This is useful for operators, such as such as Port Authorities , responsible for more than one port, for example. 

This multi-tenancy approach enables a Management team, for example, to access all data and networks, while ensuring that local teams only have access to information for their local systems.

The same can apply to a private network that allows different on-site suppliers or customers. Multi-tenancy can enable all user types the capability to enjoy the benefits of the same private network, yet only access data from their own operations.

Support at Every Step

We provide support, services, comprehensive training and the resources you need. It’s all part of what we do to maximize the value of your VIAVI investment.

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