OneAdvisor 800 Wireless Platform

All-in-One Cell Site Installation and Maintenance Test Platform


The VIAVI OneAdvisor 800 has been elegantly designed to verify and troubleshoot radio access networks of all types, from private 5G networks, to land mobile radio networks, to legacy networks still providing great service. The OneAdvisor 800 leverages multi-functional architecture, covering different test applications, scaling, and adapting to many different user groups, including:

Radio Construction: All test aspects of the transmission lines of any cell site are quickly tested with OneAdvisor 800: validate coaxial cable, antennas, as well as fiber characterization and inspection

Radio Operation: Easily verify a radio’s transmission according to 3GPP standards, maintain a radio’s power level and coverage, as well as the ability to identify and locate multiple types of signal interference.

OneAdvisor 800 Interference Finder


  • Easy PIM Detection.  All bands with one device, non-customer impacting test, and all from the safety of the ground.  
  • Over-The-Air Sync and Timing. Remove the hassle of connecting to a network port to take network timing measurements. The OneAdvisor 800 is the first field-test device to perform fast OTA timing and sync analysis of 5G cell sites.
  • Easy Interference Analysis. With value-added features like TDD Automatic Gated Sweep (TAGS), the OneAdvisor 800 enables non-experts to confidently use a spectrum analyzer.  For example, TAGS automatically identifies the correct uplink time-slot format, then isolates the interfering signal.
  • Blind Scanner. Allows an engineer to step into an unknown RF environment and quickly identify the active channels in use whether LTE, DSS, or 5G, drastically cutting time at the site.  
  • Fiber Test. Critical elements in today’s mobile network, OneAdvisor 800 tests the cleanliness of fiber end-point connections as well as the integrity of a fiber cable with one of multiple VIAVI OTDRs that pair with it. 
  • X-Haul. With the same device, a technician can also test the transmission effectiveness of the wired network, whether fronthaul, mid-haul, or the high-capacity backhaul.

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Instrument Care Support Plans

Save up the 50% of standard service prices and obtain priority service when you buy a bundled plan at the same time the instrument is purchased. Care Support Plans offer the best way to purchase extended warranty, premium technical support, self-paced training, and critical maintenance services like calibration services that include software and engineering change order update services to ensure your product is maintained with current software and a calibration certificate. These discounted plans are 2-5 years long when purchased upfront with your VIAVI instruments.

VIAVI Care Support

VIAVI Care Support

Technical AssistancePremiumPremiumPremiumPremiumPremium
Factory Repair

Standard Services + Customized Menu:
 Onsite Calibration and Training, FAE days,
Custom Engineering or Software Subscriptions

Priority Service
Self-paced Training

5 Year Battery and Bag Coverage *

Factory Calibration 

Accessory Coverage

Express Loaner  

* 5-year plans only; if applicable

Care Support Plan - OneAdvisor 800

ProductRecommended Plan (Part Number)BronzeCare
Why calibrate?
OneAdvisor 800 (ONA-800)MaxCare-5Bronze-4

Why calibrate this product?
What are the common issues?

Ordering VIAVI Care Plans

To order a VIAVI Care Plan, request the following part numbers in your service plan quote from the table below. Your care plan will be sold in annual increments.

(Part Numbers)

(Part Numbers)

(Part Numbers)

Years Serviced
Bronze-2Silver-2 First 2 Years
Bronze-3Silver-3MaxCare-3First 3 Years
Bronze-4Silver-4 First 4 Years
Bronze-5Silver-5MaxCare-5First 5 Years

FleetCare plans can be customized to include any service entitlements

  • Any collection instruments with a single coterminous renewal date
  • Each contract is customized with any number of annual terms required by the customer
  • Onsite Calibration, Training, Field Application Engineer days can be added

Product Training Options

Self-Paced Online Training and Certification

Learn to use the functionality and features of VIAVI Solutions' products online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week followed by a certification test upon completion of all modules.

 Self-Paced Online Training and Certification

Virtual Classroom and Certification

Instructor led Coursework: Learn from an expert Instructor from the convenience of your desk. Build your skill sets using VIAVI Solutions products to test various technologies with test and certification upon completion.

On-Site Classroom and Live Lab Workshops with Certifications

On-Site Classroom and Live Lab Workshops with Certifications

Instructor led Coursework: Build expertise using your VIAVI products in live lab exercises with test and certification upon completion. Utilize optional workshop days for field test on your network with your instructor.

Mentorship Consulting & System Admin Training

Instruments: Mentorship Test Procedure Consultation: Application Engineer Days. One of our test experts will come to your site and conduct testing with your team to troubleshoot stubborn problems or write up test procedures.

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