Modular Instrumentation

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Modular Instrumentation

The AXIe Modular Products set a new standard in performance and function.


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AXIe - Modular Instrumentation

Modular AXIe

ATB-7300NG Avionics NAV Bench Test Set

Cyber and Electronic Warfare
Software Defined Radio (SDR) Waveform Development
SDR Test and Validation
Military/Commercial Test Agencies
Signal Intelligence
Military/Commercial Avionics Test
Military/Commercial Radio Test
Spectrum Monitoring/Management
Anti-UAS Design/Test
Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
Unmanned Ground Systems (UGS)
Military/Commercial Radar Waveform Development
Military/Commercial Radar Test and Validation
5G / RADALT Interference Testing
Munitions Testing
Vehicle Sensors and Automation
Satellite Communications Testing
GPS Interference / Spoofing Testing
IoT Design and Test
Research and Academia
Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED)

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