Network Test, Automation and Optimization

Validate performance, security and interoperability at each stage in intelligent, intuitive and automated ways.

As wireless networks migrate to the Cloud, complexity grows, demanding assured high performance and interoperability. A comprehensive approach from lab to field to assurance ensures dependable 5G.

VIAVI solutions for testing, automation, and optimization deliver flawless results throughout all stages of implementation. As the workforce embraces advanced skills to manage sophisticated software and technologies like data intelligence, data science, or machine learning, investing in thorough testing and optimization pays off handsomely.
Turn your Network from good to great:

  • Validate components and design in the lab
  • Verify live results meet field requirements
  • Optimize Quality of Service with expanded network intelligence solutions
  • Transition legacy NOC to Dark NOC
  • Achieve end-to-end network visibility across Cloud, Mobility, IT/MEC, and IoT platforms

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