Special Effect Pigments

Custom colors tailor-made to ignite your brands.

VIAVI OSP color experts let you rediscover inspiration with effect pigments and professional design services that add value and differentiate brands, products, and packaging. ChromaFlair and SpectraFlair pigments give you exclusive, ahead-of-the-curve colors and palettes for use with a wide variety of media including paints, coatings, inks, plastics, paper and textiles. Anticipate trends using our color forecasts and work with our experts to create the exact color your customers want-before they know they want it.



SpectraFlair pigment is a multi-layer thin-film flake comprised of magnesium fluoride and aluminum. Precisely controlling the thickness and relief of the pigment’s flake structure produces the diffractive effect characteristic of SpectraFlair pigment.


ChromaFlair pigments are unique, multi-layer pigment flakes that give paints, coatings, plastics, textiles and packaging the ability to change color when viewed from different angles.