Coating Processes

Speed, precision, repeatability, surface quality, and cost – the basic figures of merit for coating processes. These characteristics, along with scalability, are at the core of VIAVI OSP’s unique position in the industry.

Our intimate knowledge of materials, foundational physics of deposition processes, and unparalleled in-house analytical capability help us offer the most innovative and advanced processes in production. Use the links below to explore our capabilities, or contact us to learn more.

Coating Materials

VIAVI OSP offers an extensive library of materials that enable a wide variety of applications from the ultraviolet (UV) to the longwave infrared (LWIR). Each material is developed in combination with a unique process – one of multiple modes of evaporation or magnetron sputtering – that delivers optimal performance in the wave band or bands of interest. Contact us to learn more.

Coating Platforms

VIAVI offerings are differentiated by our world-class engineering and custom-designed equipment, showcased by our flagship UCP thin-film coating platform and the Beta roll coating platform.

Advanced UCP sputtering technology allows for both deep blocking over wide spectral ranges as well as precise edge placement. The UCP platform coats a variety of materials functioning from the UV to the mid-infrared. From 220 nm to 5 µm, the UCP platform has both high transmission and industry-leading coating uniformity. Its unique design is built around 200 mm wafer technology, allowing for the high-volume production of complex solutions empowering precision at scale. The 200 mm wafer design also has a distinctive synergy with microelectronics industry-standard processes and equipment, including photolithographic patterning, enabling VIAVI to help our customers succeed.

The VIAVI OSP Beta platform pioneered the conversion of thin film coatings to pigment for unique visual effects. Customized manufacturing equipment allows for the manipulation of pigment to create unique visual features on a variety of applications.

Patterning Process

Microlithographic patterning adds another dramatic dimension to our technology portfolio. Multiple filters can be deposited on a single substrate to enable multispectral sensor arrays. Multiple filters can also be deposited directly on active device wafers for significant reductions in size and manufacturing cost. Proprietary processes are implemented on microelectronics industry standard tools to deliver clean, high-performance, environmentally-robust, and durable coatings. Contact us to learn more.