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  1. 2018

    VIAVI Acquires RPC Photonics

    Beam-shaping solutions for 3D sensing

  2. 2015

    JDSU becomes VIAVI Solutions

  3. 2012

    MicroNIR™ Miniature Spectrometer Introduced

  4. 2010

    Consumer and Mobile

    Introduced filters for 3D cinema and gesture recognition for consumer electronics and mobile applications.

  5. 2005

    Ucp-1 Coating Platform Launched

    Ucp-1 delivers “Precision at Scale,” enabling high volume production of precise and repeatable optical filters.

  6. 2001

    SpectraFlair™ Introduced

    Allows brand owner to differentiate their products with the world’s first holographic pigment.

  7. 2000

    JDSU Acquires OCLI

  8. 1997

    ChromaFlair™ Introduced

    Commercial pigments based on Color-by-Physics® technology provides automotive market a new tool to create eye-catching effects.

  9. 1990

    Astronomy and Telecom

    Coated the Chandra X-ray space telescope and scaled up wavelength-multiplexing filters for telecom.

  10. 1980

    Counterfeit Protection

    Introduced color-shifting pigments based on roll-coating technology for currency anti-counterfeiting.

  11. 1970

    Office Automation

    Designed and built the high-performance, multilayer continuous optical coater (MAC) for printer and copier applications.

  12. 1960

    Manned Spaceflight

    Developed High Efficiency Antireflection (HEA) coatings for all NASA manned spaceflight.

  13. 1948

    Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc (OCLI) Founded

    OCLI helps pioneer the optical coating industry, starting with military applications and leading to aerospace, industrial, and commercial markets.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonial

A key ingredient of 3D sensing is VIAVI’s sophisticated optical-filter technology that separates specific wavelengths of light from a 3D image from ambient light that could interfere and confuse the system.

3D Sensing

Customer Testimonial

Structural color is the designer’s dream technology. By using this, we bring to life the rich curvature of the LC body.
Tadao Mori, LC Chief Designer