Light Shaping Optics

Sending Light Where It’s Needed. VIAVI light shaping optics provide solutions for illumination and displays.

Current and developing technologies in 3D Sensing rely on a controlled field of light with customized shape, irradiance and intensity. Light shaping optics are also critical for eye safety through suppression of all zero-order light.

  • Automotive Lighting

    VIAVI optical diffusers offer unparalleled beam shaping capabilities for solid-state automotive lighting and aircraft applications. We not only homogenize LED illumination but we shape and distribute it to maximize light utilization and efficacy. Used with the VIAVI collimator optics, our diffusers enable light distribution in a controlled fashion in space, putting light only where it is needed.

  • Consumer Electronics

    Facial recognition. Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality. 3D is coming to life in Automotive, Smartphone and other consumer devices. VIAVI Engineered Diffusers provide the highest efficiency of light transfer with user-defined, best available uniform light shaping for both Time of Flight (ToF) and Structured Light systems.

  • Entertainment

    Used with our collimator optics, VIAVI Engineered Diffusers™ enable light distribution in a controlled fashion in space. Our shaped light distributions are ideal for both interior and exterior entertainment lighting applications where angularly specified illumination patterns are required.

  • High-power Lasers

    VIAVI can provide micro-optic solutions in etched high purity fused silica with high-power lasers for visible or excimer applications. These glass optics have nearly the same damage threshold as bulk fused silica and have been fielded in the most demanding applications including laser fusion laboratories and high-power semiconductor laser applications such as semiconductor and laser ablation systems.

  • LED Lighting

    To benefit from the efficiency of LED lighting sources, optical collimators, diffusers, and other components are required to direct and shape the light. VIAVI refractive diffuser technology addresses the issue of distributing the often non-uniform output of LED’s to produce uniform, homogeneous illumination. In addition, our diffusers enable light distribution in a controlled fashion in space, leading to highly efficient light use.

  • Medical Equipment

    Light-based medical equipment requires specialized medical optics to provide custom illumination enabling collection of meaningful data from biological materials. VIAVI offers custom Engineered Diffusers™ and Phase Plates that shape and direct light for applications ranging from ring illuminators to the optics that enable STED microscopy.

  • Research Vortex Optics

    VIAVI Vortex Phase Plate product line supports the intense research and development of applications involving optical vortex patterns. The Vortex Phase Plates (VPP) are produced by lithographic techniques and can generate arbitrary vortex optics patterns as continuous phase-relief surfaces.


Engineered Diffusers are advanced beam shapers capable of homogenizing an input beam while shaping the output intensity profile and the way light is distributed in space.
Diffractive elements are thin phase elements that operate by means of interference and diffraction to produce arbitrary distributions of light or to aid in the design of optical systems.
Important in applications such as wide-angle illumination and calibration purposes.
Utilized in a variety of applications such as displays, micro-machining, and sensors.
Phase singularities to create donut beams