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Install, commission, maintain, assure, and optimize your mobile networks

Backed by deep expertise in delivering unparalleled physical and virtual network intelligence, VIAVI Solutions helps service providers–and their ecosystems–deploy, maintain, optimize, and evolve complex wireless networks.

VIAVI Knows Wireless

Turn up, test, monitor, and analyze your cell sites and mobile networks faster with our end-to-end solutions for legacy and next-gen mobile fronthaul and backhaul networks. Streamline training and testing when you deploy the VIAVI portfolio of fast, accurate instruments for base station installation, commissioning, and maintenance. And harness the intelligence in your network to assure services, protect revenue, deliver automated network performance and optimization, and enable analytics.

  • Product Release

    Анализатор базовых станций CellAdvisor 5G

    Впервые в отрасли реализует тестовые функции стандартов 5G TF и 5G NR

  • Is Your Mobile Network Ready for the Internet of Things?

    CellAdvisor™ Base Station Analyzer Now Supports Narrowband IoT Testing

Proximus is leveraging the NITRO GEO platform to plan and optimize our 2G, 3G and LTE networks. NITRO GEO has a strong reputation as a robust and reliable platform that will allow us to consolidate our solutions under one system and offer an exceptional customer experience.


We had a PIM issue that was not detected by other PIM testers; the PIM was internal to the radio and not part of the antenna system. I would not have been able to see this were it not for the CellAdvisor JD785. Pretty cool!


Tier One Service Provider



TeraVM: IP and L2-7 Test Tool

Turn up and maintain cell sites quickly, safely, and efficiently

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