Remote Fiber Test and Monitoring

Industry-Leading Fiber Optic Monitoring System

Remote Fiber Test and Monitoring

Get the Power: Scale up your fiber network quickly, deploy and monetize high-speed quality service, and cut workloads to maximize team efficiency.


The VIAVI ONMSi Remote Fiber Test and Monitoring System provides fiber network visibility that scales for both PON and point-to-point networks. ONMSi provides network visibility across the network core, metro, and access PON up to the premises of your residential, business or wireless customer.

Improve construction, activation, network availability, latency and quality-of service (QoS) by diagnosing faults and preventing service problems. ONMSi RFTS scans the fiber network 24/7 to automatically diagnose faults and trend degradation. Compare target network health against actual conditions and send alarms without dispatching field technicians. Streamline workloads with superior VIAVI geolocation processes and analytics, using a compact fiber test head (FTH) with high-resolution OTDR and scalable port switching capability. Use for on-demand test or routine, automated test during construction, service activation, and monitoring.   

The system can test dark or lit fiber while it is carrying live traffic. Trend long-term fiber analytics with automated reporting to identify the best routes to use for high value customers, and hot spots that require preventative maintenance and network health. See your global network view, manage SLAs, upsell your network services with confidence, and drill all the way down to an individual fiber, customer, or fault to gain the details you need to optimize the network design and service. 

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