Test Process Automation (TPA)

Systematic, closed-loop workflow solution for field teams that build, test, and deploy networks and services with VIAVI test instruments.

Test Process Automation (TPA)
Ensure operational excellence with smarter processes where it matters most…your team.

VIAVI TPA™ (Test Process Automation) connects teams and their test instruments together, ensuring repeatability, efficiency, and accuracy at every stage of a job. Powered by our hosted StrataSync™ platform, VIAVI TPA transforms the performance of your team, driving operational excellence that translates to faster deployment speed, optimized quality, and increased profitability.

Common Use Cases for VIAVI TPA

Designed specifically to help overcome the challenges that service providers are facing today, VIAVI TPA automates processes, streamlines workforce efficiency, and delivers visibility and insight to the members of your team.

Performed in the last mile to test the Passive Optical Network, this includes a TruePON test on the ONT ports to measure loss and obtain PON ID information when turning up a new fiber or troubleshooting existing issues.

VIAVI TPA enabled instruments include:

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Performed at the customer premises to when delivering FTTH services, this includes various tasks to test the the fiber drop and confirm the service quality being delivered

VIAVI TPA enabled instruments include:

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How VIAVI TPA helps your team

VIAVI TPA leverages an ecosystem consisting of 3 parts (StrataSync, VIAVI Mobile Tech, & VIAVI test instruments), each designed to equip team members with the information and resources they need to complete jobs with real-time visibility from start to finish.


Define tests to be performed
Define acceptance criteria
Input labeling
Analyze job progress & metrics

Project Managers

Assign testing tasks to field teams
Manage test assets
Track job progress
Generate certification reports

Field teams

Deploy job tasks directly to VIAVI instruments
Add supplemental information
Capture customer signtures


Complete jobs quickly
Keep your customers informed
Generate certification reports

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