Data Center Interconnect (DCI)

Together, we deliver high quality DCI links and guarantee their continuous performance

Data Center Interconnect (DCI)
In today’s DCI environment, all days must be productive days, whether you are in the construction phase, doing maintenance, or optimizing the network. You can’t afford inefficiency and downtime.

Deploy high quality networks faster than ever with up to 15,000 more fibers tested per week.

VIAVI smart test devices and software solutions for DCI environments are engineered with built-in automation and efficiency, boosting the deployment of DCI links by at least 60% and reducing project management complexity and cost.

Data Center Interconnect - Accuracy & Reliability, Simple, Speed

Campus DCI Solutions

In campus DCI scenario, multiple high fiber count cables (with up to 6,912 fiber cores and often terminated with MPO connectors) connect data centers in a campus or within enterprises.

VIAVI offers the most innovative, productive and cost-effective test tools to accelerate campus fiber builds and commissioning.

Campus Data Center

Key benefits

  • Up to 15,000 MORE fibers tested per week, per technician with the only “True” MPO Tier-1
  • Inspection tips ready for next generation connectors, such as Very Small Form Factors (VSFF)
  • Fully automated MPO-based Tier-2 OTDR with simple icon-based link view
  • Most compact 100/400G tester with fast RFC2544 and Y.1564 workflows

Metro DCI Solutions

The Metro DCI is the interconnection between data center campus, within a region. It requires network performance (ie high-capacity and speed) and availability to deliver quality services and guarantee data center uptime.
VIAVI offers the most innovative, productive and automated test tools to accelerate metro fiber builds and commissioning.

Metro Data Center

Key benefits

  • One instrument to do it ALL – the OneAdvisor 800 combines 10 instruments into 1
  • Quality and speed without human errors – FiberComplete PRO with its one test port, one button press fully automated bi-directional process reduces testing time by at least 60%
  • Ensure high-speed network performance with advanced CD/PMD and AP network characterization
  • Most compact 100/400G tester with fast RFC2544 and Y.1564 workflows
  • Validate DWDM signal performance and channel routes with the most robust yet lightest full-band DWDM spectrum analyzer (OSA)

Guarantee DCI Continuous Performance

Transport pathways between data centers are subject to multiple variables: rapid expansion and reconfiguration, natural disasters, damages during construction work... In this adaptive environment, VIAVI DCI network monitoring solutions enable automation and observability so these critical links can deliver high data availability. 

Vulnerabilities in a Data Center Network

Key benefits

  • Reduce Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) by 30% - remotely and automatically detect faults and degradation in a few minutes
  • Cut truck rolls in half - remote fault location enables efficient dispatch of the repair team to directly fix the issue
  • Diagnose causes of route flapping – Flash fiber monitoring detects intermittent, short duration faults
  • Enable preventive network maintenance – Detection of minor faults that haven’t yet impacted the network traffic and trend analysis of thousand of network fiber events
  • Enhance data security – Prevent fiber intrusion on the network by detecting fiber tapping 

Empower Your Assets with VIAVI StrataSync™, a Cloud-Based Solution

Optimization and efficiency are key requirements in DCI environment to meet quality standards while handling a high volume of tests. StrataSync Test Process Automation (TPA) helps you maximize workflow and workforce efficiency, by enforcing proper methods and procedures and by getting real-time visibility on job progress. 

StrataSync hassle-free data and asset management enables you to simplify and reduce the administrative workload.


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