Nano OSA Module (4100 Series)

4100 Series Module for T-BERD/MTS-2000, -4000 V2, -5800, CellAdvisor 5G and OneAdvisor 800/1000 Platforms

Compact Nano OSA™ modules offering high resolution measurement over full wavelength band for channel verification and spectral analysis in a field rugged package for the deployment of any WDM service.

The Nano OSA modules are the first optical channel verifier (OCV) and optical spectrum analysis (OSA) modules to offer high-resolution performance coupled with full band coverage for dense WDM channel analysis for today and tomorrows Metro and Access network applications.

Part of the 4100 series modules can be paired with multiple VIAVI platforms to combine Optical Spectrum Analysis with Ethernet/BERT, OTDR or Wireless RF test, providing a single solution for high-speed WDM service activation and maintenance.

Modules are the smallest and toughest field spectral test solution available today. Combining the ability to program and validate pluggable transceivers in the field enabling faster link activation and improved first time turn-up rate.


  • Turn up and verify any new WDM service with confidence (CWDM, DWDM, MWDM, LWDM)
  • Meet future requirements for high-speed service activation, OSA plus Ethernet/BERT test
  • Reduce service turn-up, activation and troubleshooting times
  • Field ready, light, compact and robust
  • Minimal learning time and improved usability for easier operation


  • Fiber Deep, Remote-PHY, 5G, and C-RAN
  • Amplified 10G/100G+ Metro/Access networks
  • Validate new wavelength routes through MUX/DeMUX
  • Perform OSNR tests on amplified DWDM links
  • Verify channel offset and actual channel spacing

Key Features

  • Smallest full-band and high resolution solution
    • Tests CWDM and DWDM signals (1260-1650 nm)
    • Min. channel spacing 37.5/50/100 GHz (ITU-T G.694)
  • Measures channel power, wavelength, offset and OSNR
  • Drift test application for channel power and wavelength
  • High input power range for testing CATV signals
  • SFP/SFP+ slot for fixed or tunable transceivers

  • Turn up and verify any new WDM service in the field

    • Combine high performance optical spectrum analysis with Ethernet/BERT, OTDR or Wireless RF test - module support across multiple VIAVI platforms
  • Reduce service turn-up, activation and troubleshooting times

    • Integrated SFP bay with wavelength test capability and feature set - combining pluggable transceiver programming, verification and channel drift/offset
  • Ready for use in the field

    • The industries smallest field optimized OSA, light, compact and tough - enabling WDM test in any metro/access network environment
  • OCV-4100 & OSA-4100

    Ease of use for minimal learning time and greater control

    • Simplified UI with intuitive smart device multi-touch control and auto test features for enhanced usability and shorter familiarization time
    • Fast and responsive it puts control at your fingertips, the touch, drag, pinch zoom, swipe, long press gestures allowing for greater instrument control and results manipulation
  • TPA

    Work Efficiently

    Allows your team to deliver expert-level test results and close projects on the first try, every time. TPA is a closed loop test system that optimizes workflows, eliminates manual, error prone work and automates immediate data reporting for job close out, team progress updates and network health analytics. Execute jobs efficiently to ensure high quality network builds, rapid turn-up/activation and enhanced operational visibility.

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