Intelligent network insights, from Lab Validation, to Deployment, Optimization and Automation.

Solutions for Network Simplification, enabling service providers, semiconductor companies, equipment manufacturers, software developers and system integrators – to rapidly advance technologies by validating performance at each stage in intelligent, intuitive and automated ways.

Turn your 5G network from good to great with intelligent network insights from VIAVI.

As wireless networks are opening-up and migrating to the Cloud, complexity also increases. This requires a higher level of certainty that high performance, security and interoperability are guaranteed. A panoramic understanding of the network is critical to delivering quality and performance to customers, in a secure and efficient way.

VIAVI open and cloud hardware together with sophisticated software and user-friendly analytic tools provide faultless results across all three stages of implementation. As the workforce adapts, broadening its ‘IT’ skills to handle the advanced software, data intelligence, data science or machine learning, the knowledge that a network has been thoroughly understood and optimized proves an investment that pays off handsomely.

Turn your 5G network from good to great by:

  • Validating components and design in the lab
  • Verifying that live results meet field requirements
  • Optimizing through expansion of network intelligence solutions

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