TM500 Cloud

Cloud-deployed O-RAN Tester

Validate O-RAN components deployed in the cloud

Ensure O-RAN network components work consistently and stay reliable when hosted in the cloud.

As the industry moves toward greater use of data centres, virtualization, cloud architectures and open architectures, testing requirements are expanded  – calling for effective versatile test tools that can work in a cloud environment. The cloud provides a means to deploy O-RAN components cost-effectively but does carry some challenges. 

Hyperscale Lab

Ensure cloud platform readiness

Network Equipment Vendor Lab

Test O-RAN components in the cloud

Service Provider Lab

Scale services successfully

The TM500 Cloud is a cloud deployed O-RAN development and test tool. It has been developed to help Network Equipment Manufacturers, Service Providers and Hyperscalers ensure that cloud-hosted O-RAN network components can meet their performance and quality expectations based on those from traditional RAN deployments. Once those expectations have been met, TM500 Cloud helps to make sure they remain consistent and reliable when the network is loaded with variable traffic and changing conditions.

Use TM500 Cloud to ensure your Cloud deployments meet the QoS metrics required to meet stringent SLAs

Product Overview

  • TM500 Cloud is a software-only containerised UE emulator running on any standard COTS servers which meets resource requirements.
  • TM500 Cloud runs in private, hybrid, public cloud & in our customers orchestration environment.


  • Cost effectively accelerates early development.
  • Reduced TCO due to solutions ability to scale up and down depending on the requirements of the system under test, maximize ROI for every K/Mbit/s.

Use Case Example

  • Test O-DU and O-CU Components in the cloud, with and without a real core network.
AWS Qualified Software
TM500 Cloud has completed the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR), applying AWS best practices to reduce risks around security, reliability, and operational excellence, as defined by the AWS Well-Architected Framework.


Part of the TM500 Family

TM500 Cloud is based on gold-standard TM500 technology and incorporates the KPI metrics, performance and stability credentials akin to the gold-standard TM500, which has been used by all major NEMs worldwide to test and validate gNB software before it is deployed to service providers.

Over 85% of NEMs are using the VIAVI RANtoCore platform for gNB development.

As part of the TM500 Family of products, you receive the quality, performance and flexibility you expect.


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