Coherent Optics Testing

A look at the latest coherent optics testing procedures and equipment

Coherent Optics Testing
Industry-leading solutions to support the unique design validation, compliance testing, and manufacturing requirements of coherent optical modules.

Coherent Optics Testing from VIAVI  

The coherent optics landscape has gradually transitioned from engineered links on closed systems to today's multi-vendor, standards-driven ecosystem with commodity DSP and optical components. With the release of the OIF 400ZR standard tightening performance requirements in the face of challenging cost expectations, the testing of coherent optical fiber communication systems throughout all lifecycle phases gains new importance. 

The powerful, scalable, and configurable ONT and MAP optical test platforms from VIAVI rise to the challenges of coherent optic complexity. New features and capabilities progressively support testing and validation through each product lifecycle phase to accelerate time to market and improve reliability. 

As two distinct segments emerge for CFP2 (Multi-services) and QSFP-DD (Ethernet) pluggable coherent modules, VIAVI test solutions support the seamless migration of important OSNR, stability, and signal integrity testing from the lab to the manufacturing floor.  

  • The VIAVI Optical Network Tester (ONT) family has been enhanced with new features and modules that support the testing challenges of pluggable coherent optics. Test slots are designed to support the power and cooling requirements of 400G and 800G pluggables.  
  • The VIAVI Multiple Application Platform (MAP) is an optical test and measurement system with an industry-leading selection of hot swappable modules for optical communications test and measurement in lab & manufacturing environments. 

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