Virtual Test & Activation and Performance Monitoring

Fusion, part of the VIAVI NITRO™ Transport platform, provides software-based lifecycle management for test, service activation, performance monitoring and troubleshooting on all network layers.

Fusion is the premier product in the VIAVI NITRO Transport platform, which addresses the challenges of test and measurement for new virtual and hybrid networks. Fusion arms network operators and data centers with a virtual service activation and performance management tool set, designed on industry standards, that deliver accurate test results on which managers and engineers can depend. Fusion monitors and ensures network performance and verifies Service Level Agreements in both virtual and physical networks.


  • Reduce truck rolls
  • Increase customer satisfaction with Ethernet and IP Services
  • Open and cloud-native architecture
  • Flexible configurations allow any combination of software test agents and VIAVI physical test instruments
  • Highly scalable; able to meet the needs of even the largest service providers


  • Business services and residential customer care testing
  • Mobility backhaul qualification, performance monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Residential ISP installation testing
  • Metro and core network mesh testing

Test/PM Methodologies by Network Layer

  • L2 - Y.1731 PM, Y.1564
  • L3 - Y.1564, TWAMP (Lite) PM–initiate and reflect
  • L4 - UDP throughput (Y.1564), TCP throughput, (Fusion TrueSpeed VNF)
  • L5-L7 - VoIP, Video, HTTP(S)/FTP, PING/TraceRT

Key Features

  • Wide range of virtual agents, PC clients, test instruments (T-BERD/MTS, OneExpert, MAP, Network and Service Companion), HW probes (Fusion QT-600-10), and smart SFPs (Fusion JMEP) as test points
  • Integrated analytics & reporting incl. geographic maps/health charts
  • Automated Orchestration thru Openstack/Heat or via Cloud Init
  • Cloud Native - Microservices and Kubernetes, with agents deployable on public and private clouds
  • Packet acceleration thru DPDK and SRIOV with deployments supported on KVM, VMWare and OpenStack
  • NetConf/Yang northbound I/F enables SDN/NFV integration
  • Open Data Export to 3rd Party analytics via KAFKA DB Export API
  • LMAP (RFC7594) compliant architecture
  • IPv4/IPv6 support
  • Supports up to 25 VLANs concurrently per agent

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