System Maintenance and Contracts

VIAVI Network Assurance and Data Analytics Systems are either server or cloud based. VIAVI Services assist customers with QuickStart system and process implementation and ongoing maintenance of these systems.

Software Maintenance and Support Contracts

Platforms Include Observer, NITRO, ONMSi, XPERTrak, StrataSync, Fusion

VIAVI maintenance and support agreements offer comprehensive coverage to protect and maximize your productivity with your VIAVI investment.

4 Benefits when you invest in VIAVI Software Maintenance and User Technical Support Assistance?

We know your time is valuable and you need to use your VIAVI assurance system to monitor tough issues and troubleshoot problems daily. 

We can guide you when technical assistance is needed to set up tests or interpret results. Also included is product troubleshooting to determine if a repair, update, or calibration is needed. VIAVI has centralized call centers and convenient ticket submission through our global web portals or phone queues. Our ticket process is TL9000-compliant, with tiered support, and rapid escalation. Our engineers can escalate an issue to their tier 3 R&D support engineer in the lab or to a field-based solutions engineer when onsite assistance is required. 

All firmware and software require updates to address security, maintenance of functionality, usability, and bug fixes. Consider the following needs:

  • Adaptive, interoperability maintenance: Enable your team to operate continuously by making the software responsive and interoperable with operating system platforms, communication standards, and hardware.
  • Performance and security maintenance: Protect against vulnerability to malicious activities or bloatware code that consumes power and CPU cycle time.
  • Functionality or capability maintenance: This maintenance includes GUI usability, and bug fixes and items like new data architecture enhancements, reporting, or features included in a maintenance contract or activated by a license option.
  • Supportability: VIAVI supports software/firmware versions back to N minus 1 (the current version minus 1 prior version). Stay up to date to ensure your system is stable and productive. All too often customers suffer an issue or security vulnerability that has already been addressed because they have not updated their software/firmware.

Our TAC support team attends to diverse customers and takes many hours of training per year. VIAVI TAC engineers have hands on test systems to walk you through a procedure, troubleshoot/recreate a problem, and direct you to resources. Languages available for most product support teams include: Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish 

Our engineers are part of you team. We can remotely screen share or utilize remote sign-on capability so that engineers can assist with software updates and operational issues. Update your system with help to maintain the latest functionality.

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Annual Software Maintenance and Technical Support Contracts
Features Standard Premium
Service Coverage Hours 8x5 24x7
Software Product Updates
Remote Support/Online Diagnostics for Software and Applicable Hardware
Support for Software Release N-1
Software Upgrade Installation and Configuration Assistance
Techinical Account Manager Support Resource
Quarterly Businsess Reviews  
*Optional Operational Assistance Administrator

*The optional Operational Assistance Administrator role is ideal for very large systems that are implemented to support network operations.  It is an optional service added to the Software Maintenance and Technical Support contract.

Operational Assistance

VIAVI will deploy our system admin experts on-site or remotely with dedication to your team 5 days per week, year-round to provide proactive system maintenance and administration. This ensures your system delivers the highest quality information to your service and network operation professionals. They can run reports, permission users, update the system and perform all the system administrator activities as an integrated part of your team.  They also act as a champion for the customer to help with enhancement requests. 

  • Operating System and software maintenance
  • Access permission, setting up tiers of users, contractors, and partners
  • Commissioning of new hardware test units, set up of tests and mapping capabilities
  • Running reports and discussing what the diagnostics reveal
  • System update installation and security checks
  • General user assistance and process training

Mentorship Test Procedure Consultation

VIAVI consultants can assist with test methodologies, automation strategy, test system design and implementation, measurement techniques, and test code development. Our consulting team will analyze your reports, recommend new KPI reporting and dashboards that extend the value of your system to determine if you are meeting your critical network and business objectives. 
This service is applicable to all customers of VIAVI instruments and server-based systems as test process consultation can help customers discover best practices, create efficient processes, and set up the right test thresholds to correctly diagnose problems.

Project Management, Installation or Onboarding

Leverage world class VIAVI project management staff to install and commission your system ensuring a smooth introduction into your operations environment.

Typical Project Management Phases Include:

Customer, VIAVI and Third Parties lay out a detailed plan and Solutions Design Document that details exactly what, where, who, when the system will be installed.

The team will produce a detailed system design document if installation in the customer network is required. If the system is cloud based, an onboarding document will detail how to implement the data flows, organizations, administrators, team roles and responsibilities to plan how the customer wants to implement their instance of the system and any API work that needs to be done.

Either VIAVI or the customer conducts a site survey to ensure the site is ready with power, internet, access, space, server hardware if customer provided to ensure the team is ready for installation at the customer premise. This is not needed for a VIAVI hosted cloud server.

All items required at installation will be coordinated by VIAVI when we are hired to do this. If we are a sub-contractor, we will contribute to this process and planning.

All server-based systems come with basic installation assistance. VIAVI systems can scale from one server and a few hardware test heads or software agents to hundreds of test point agents and hardware probes. This service is sold under a statement of work. An acceptance test procedure caps off the completion of this service to test and validate the system is working as planned.

API Integration Services, Custom Applications and Reports

VIAVI can provide technical and workflow integration services utilizing APIs to ensure the seamless integration of our software applications into your existing systems and processes. Customers often want custom reports by network domain, topic, subcontractor, etc. and can benefit from VIAVI executing the scripting for custom analytics. We can often pull in information from external systems if there is API integration from other systems that a customer may operate. Targeted applications and reporting can significantly enhance your ability to sort through big data to present the exact details and views you need.
Our application experts provide analysis of your specific requirements and tailor applications to meet specific business and operational needs including adaptation to support customer specific network, applications, and unique user views. This service is sold under a statement of work for non-recurring engineering. We have customized many applications over the years for unique customer needs. Customers benefit by having VIAVI complete the work quickly using our application expertise to ensure the extension can be supported as part of the primary VIAVI system. 

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